Sleep update!

I got to sleep last night! In my bed!! Yay!! Jack did great-he went down without a problem and then only got up twice to eat, and went right back to sleep. He woke up at his normal 6:00 for the day, but then I was able to put him back down in his bouncy seat for about an hour-so more sleep for me :). We are getting into a good bedtime routine, too. I feed him for the last time, then put his jammies and wearable-blanket on, lay him in his bed (awake!) with his paci and fish mobile on and turn off the lights. He generally will go to sleep on his own, without having to be rocked-this is my goal. He might fuss just a little, but he is already learning to soothe himself to sleep. I by no means let him “cry it out” yet; he is way too little for that; but I don’t mind  him fussing just a little. (It only takes a couple of minutes of “fussing,” if that-if it takes longer, I go in and pat his back, give him back his paci, etc. I will pick him up or rock him if he actually starts crying). This is the same kind of routine I had with Josie, and it SO paid off, because she has always been great about going to bed on her own, no matter when or where we are; I want to establish the same good sleep habits with Jack, too. Last night he actually slept for almost 5 ½ hours before waking for the first time to eat! Now, I didn’t get that much sleep of course, because I have a really hard time going to bed right when he does-I have too much to do! Most importantly, I always pump after he goes to bed. I am trying to build up a freezer stash, and that is the easiest time of day for me to do it. I am doing good, too-that makes me really happy, because with Josie I was never able to build a freezer stash; she had to eat everything I pumped (mixed with high-calorie formula). I have been at it just a week now, and I have about 13 ounces frozen (that is about 5 bottles worth), plus he has drunk about 4 ounces total out of bottles. Not too shabby! I want to have at least 2 weeks worth frozen before I go back to work, just so I will be able to stay ahead. Breast feeding is going so good this time, that I am not willing to give it up when I go back! 🙂

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