Sickies update

Well, it looks like our sickness was short-lived-whew! Josie has been fever free (without meds) since before lunch. And Jack’s fever was so low, that the nurse said they don’t even consider it a fever in infants his age-so his was probably nothing at all :). Both of them have acted perfectly normal today, too. 🙂 Yay! I will continue checking Josie throughout the night and in the morning, though, just to make sure. 

Here are some cute pics from our “sick” day:

Josie LOVES laying on the rainforest mat with Jack 🙂

Look who’s actually getting some cheeks! 

And here are a couple of cute pics I took yesterday, and just didn’t get a chance to post:

(heading to Nana’s to help work in the yard) Josie has legs for DAYS now…

Oh, and just as a side note-Jack finally smiled for ME today! Yay! Totally made my day :). 

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