Operation sleep….

…in the crib was a semi-success, I would say. Jack did do much better in his crib; he laid back down and slept much better in there-and he looked so comfortable all laid out with his hands above his head :). However, I said semi success, because instead of his normal 2 times of waking up to eat, he woke up 4 times to eat. 

I feel like I kind of got less than sleep than usual, even though I probably got more. Josie is sick-she just has a fever-really no other symptoms, and she seems like she still feels just fine, but I kept checking on her, too, when I got up with Jack. Also, one time she woke up, so I ended up laying down in the bed with her. Then part of the night, I ended up just sleeping on the couch in between Jack’s feeding times, because they were so close together anyways. So I felt like I was running around all over the house, and I slept all over the house, too-couch, my bed, couch, Josie’s bed, my bed, couch. (This morning I just ended up sleeping on the couch with Jack, just to convince him to go back to sleep for awhile-his “up for the day time” is generally about 6:00, and I really wanted to sleep some more) Bleh. 

So verdict is, I am definitely going to keep Jack sleeping in his crib….and hopefully he won’t wake up so many times to eat tonight, and hopefully Josie will be feeling better, too. 

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