Schedules and sleep

So, Jack is finally on a better eating schedule; I have waited a few days to post this, just to make sure it was for real-but it seems to be! He now eats every 2 or 3 hours during the day, with the occasional 1 hour feed. So it averages out to be about 10-12 times a day-which is normal for an infant his age. 🙂

Now…sleep is an entirely different ball game. He does fine during the day-he is pretty much on a eat, wake, sleep schedule-he will eat, then have awake time (which is getting longer and longer!), and then he is ready for a nap; then he wakes up, and the schedule starts all over. He even has a pretty regular bedtime; he normally eats for the last time somewhere between about 8:45 and 10:00, then I put him down in his bassinet for the night; after this feed, he sleeps for his longest stretch-until somewhere between 1:00-2:00 a.m. After that, though, all bets are off-we have had a ROUGH few nights. After that 1:00 feeding, he DOES.NOT.WANT.TO.SLEEP. I will feed him, and then he is just awake! OR, he will go back to sleep just fine-if I am holding him.  I cannot get him to sleep anywhere but on me. I have tried his bassinet, in his bassinet propped up with a Boppy, in his swing, in the bouncy seat. The only places he will sleep after that time are on my chest, or right beside me (both of which I do NOT want to become a habit; plus I cannot really sleep like that, because I am worried about rolling over on him!)

So tonight I think I am going to take the plunge, and move him to his crib. This is earlier than we moved Josie, but at the very least, Jake will get more sleep if I do this. And he HAS to be able to sleep so that he can make it through his 10+ hours days at work-at least when I get no sleep, I can stay in my pjs all day, and maybe catch a nap :). If Jack is in his crib, I can go to his room  (or the living room) to deal with him instead of in our room. Also, we think our fan in our room is starting to bother him; he has been a bit congested, and it always gets worse at night, but only after we turn the fan on. So, going to his room will solve that problem, too. I probably should run the humidifier in his room, for him, too.

Wish us luck! Maybe tonight will go better. 

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