33 months…plus 3 days (oops!)


You are now THIRTY THREE months old! Just three short months aways from being THREE! You are already excited about your birthday, too-you want a pink princess puppy cake :).

Here’s what you’ve been up to this month…

-You told your Daddy you wanted to marry him :).

-You went to another Vandy girl’s game with Nana, Shshr, and Justin. You really like watching the cheerleaders and listening to the band; you do not like Mr. Commodore!

-We all watched “How to Tame Your Dragon” with Grammy and Pappy. We thought you would be scared, but you really liked it!

-You had to go visit Dr. Eidson because one day you woke up with blood draining out of your left ear; Dr. E said it was because one of your tubes is trying to come out.

-You weigh 32 pounds!

-We went to Annsley’s birthday party at Monkey Joe’s. You wouldn’t get on any of the bounce houses, but you still had a blast.

-Annsley, Caroline, and Anna Katherine came for a play date at our house-ya’ll had a blast!

-You call Jack “little fella” and you are learning more and more every day what it means to be a big sister. We are so very proud of you, because you are hardly ever even jealous; you understand that Jack is baby, and he just needs a lot of attention right now. You don’t give your brother a lot of attention, but when you do it is always sweet. You don’t like it when he cries; you love it when he is awake. You are very proud when people ask you about your little brother, and you can say you are the big sister.

-We add things to your “birthday list” daily.

-You always seem to have a plan. You will say “I know!!! (insert elaborate plan here) How about that, Mom?”

-You still really love your room, and you will actually go up there and play all by yourself now.

-You spent the night with Nana, just because.

-Casey got you three bunnies for Easter (they are staying at her house!). You really love them, but you won’t hold them without them being wrapped up in a towel, because you say they have “poky things” on their feet :P.

-You love all things dessert-you definitely have a sweet tooth! You think pink lemonade is a super special treat :). You still LOVE spaghetti-I would say that it is probably your all time favorite food.

-You are very into Angelina Ballerina right now, and you are always dancing around the house, telling us you are doing “my ballet.” When the ballet classes start at the center, Mommy is signing you up, and you are super excited!

Love you baby girl, (because no matter how big you get, you will always be my baby girl),


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