…Josie, Jack, and I spent our St. Patrick’s day at the zoo with Aunt Christie and the kids. They have a zoo membership, so we were able to get in free! Plus, we took our picnic lunch, so we didn’t spend any money at all except for the gas to get down there. How awesome is that? Thanks, Christie for inviting us!! It was REALLY crowded, due to everyone being on Spring Break, but the zoo is a big place-so it really wasn’t that bad. It was a GORGEOUS day outside! Absolutely perfect weather. I do, however, get the bad mommy award for the day, because I totally didn’t think to bring sunscreen, and we all got a little sunburnt :(. I normally keep it in my diaper bag all the time, but I am out of the habit because of winter-guess I better get back into the habit in a hurry! 

Josie LOVED seeing all the animals. Her very favorite was the baby giraffe, but she also loved the “fluhmenGOS” (flamingos-Josie has her special way of pronouncing it, with emphasis on the “go” part of the word-it is really cute-I need to try and get it on video!!). She also just loved the fact that she was getting to spend the day with her “tids." 

Jack did so awesome, all day long. He only started melting down at the very end, when we were ready to go anyways. He rode in his Moby for a lot of the day, but he also rode in his stroller for the very first time. He was so cute just staring up at everything :). He was fascinated by the bamboo. 

Looking at the elephants

Josie’s favorite-the baby giraffe!

She was also really excited about seeing the tigers!

In the alligator house



Big boy in his stroller!

Looking at the Red Panda

First official picture of all SIX cousins 🙂

Petting the goat

At the playground

Thanks so much, Christie for such an awesome day!!

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