First bottle

Yesterday morning I was finally able to pump for just a little while, just enough to get about an ounce in a bottle. Last night I got Jake to give Jack his very first bottle :). I wanted to go ahead and let him try it, because I was afraid if I waited too long, he wouldn’t take it! But he did wonderful! He wasn’t too sure at first, but then he tasted that milk and sucked it down like a pro! As soon as he finished the bottle, I nursed him right away, and he latched on just like normal-no nipple confusion! Yay! I will probably get Jake to give him a bottle about once a week, just to keep Jack used to it, plus it is a great way for Jack and his daddy to bond a little :). Next time Josie will get to help, too, which she will be super excited about. 

What is this thing Daddy?

Oh! I got it now!

Eating like a pro!

Happy, full boy!

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