A day with my family

Today I was supposed to go to a friend’s wedding. Until today, I had every intention of going to that wedding. But something told me that today, I just needed a day with my WHOLE family. Jake is having to work LOTS of overtime right now, so Josie, Jack, and I just don’t get to see him a lot right now, and never during the day. Josie has really been missing her Daddy, so I just thought she needed a day to spend with him-the WHOLE day, without any breaks. 

It was SUCH  a beautiful day today, and Jake had plans to meet a buddy at Moss Wright Park to kick a soccer ball around, so of course Josie, Jack, and I went along, too. While Jake played with his friend, I walked Jack and Josie over to the playground-this was Jack’s first official play ground trip-he slept through the whole thing, as usual. 🙂

This is how Jack spent his time at the park…

I was proud of Josie, because she was actually brave enough to do some of the climbing things and go down the slide today! Sometimes she won’t even attempt to get on the equipment…

After Josie had her fill of the playground, I took the long way around to get back to where Jake was. This was my first official walk since last June!! It felt SO good-I walked about a mile total. I didn’t push it, though, because technically I haven’t been cleared to exercise yet-that won’t happen for another couple of weeks. It was an awesome “stroll,” though-Jack rode in the Moby, and Josie in the stroller-she has been missing her stroller rides! 

We walked back to where Jake was and I sat down against a tree to nurse Jack while Josie played soccer with her Daddy. (I think I have now nursed Jack in every venue possible-outside, inside, in Target, in restaurants, doctor offices, in the car, at church, and now-at the park)

Soccer with Daddy!

Jack did NOT care for the sun in his eyes!

This afternoon our friends Nick and Mel dropped by for a little bit with their baby Jude-it was SO good to see them and to hang out for a while! It had been way too long. Mama Judy stopped by for awhile, too-Josie LOVES dragging her Mee Maw upstairs to play :). 

All in all, it was a wonderful day with my family. The wedding would’ve been nice, and fun-but I know that my friend would TOTALLY understand my reasoning for not going :). I think that I definitely made the right choice today-for me and my family. 

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