Consignment sale!

Warning: This is a long and rambly post, just about my shopping day. Boring details of every little thing I bought are included. 

Today Casey and I (and Jack, of course) went to the Encores and More North Consignment sale. We got to go to the 2:00 worker pre-sale, because we worked a food shift together. And boy, it was SOOO worth it-we were shopping with only 30 other people! It was so quiet, there was only like 2 other people total shopping in the sizes I was looking at, and best of all-no major long lines! It was TOTALLY worth the effort/money of cooking 1 meal for the workers-I will definitely be doing that again! 

So, for my haul-I majorly racked up! I spent a total of $151-and here’s how-

For Josie:

-red/pink hearts raincoat and matching rainboots-$8

-adorable green jacket- $4

-handmade ruffle pants/top set-$6

-Carter’s sundress-$5

-brand new with tags on polo dress-$6

-awesome Nautica dress/bloomers- $4

-brand-new looking Children’s Place dress/sweater set- $6

-footie pjs- $2

-Osh Kosh 4th of July dress-$6

-2 bathing suits- $2 apiece

-2 t-shirt material sundresses- $5 total

  • 7 other shirt/shorts or capri combos for play or going out- $25 total

Brand New pink plaid Sperry’s Topsiders-$15 (I think I am more excited about this deal than any other-and they look SO cute on her!)

-Columbia water sandals- $5

-ballet slippers- $2

-purple flip-flops-$1

-Melissa and Doug magnetic dress-up dolls set-$5

So basically, Josie is TOTALLY set for the summer. 

For Jack:

-4 little church outfits-$16 total (I didn’t get him many clothes, because I just can’t predict what his size is going to be right now!)

-brand new white church shoes- $2

-brand new never-been-worn Robeez-$2!!

-nursing cover (for me)-$5

-Mei Tai wrap-$6!!

-Little Tikes tow truck w/people- $4

-and probably the best deal of the whole day: Awesome, in GREAT shape, vibrating, bouncy seat-Five dollars!!! This is awesome, because we never had a bouncy seat for Josie-she LOVED her swing; Jack is not a big fan of the swing-and he is already LOVING his new bouncy seat-this should make those times when I have to put him down a bit easier :P. 

So all in all, an AWESOME shopping day, and it was wonderful to be able to spend so much time goofing around with my sis-I love getting to spend time, just the two of us :). Love you Casey!! 

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