is a word that describes our boy this afternoon. After his very fussy/hungry morning, he decided to be more chilled out this afternoon than he has been in at least a week and a half. I had to go out to drop off some things for a consignment sale; Mom, Casey, and Josie went with us. Then we ran by Sam’s, and went to Las Palmas for dinner. And he slept the WHOLE time-he took an almost 4 hour nap!!! That is the first time he has gone that long between eating in days. Then the whole night, he has just been chill. Hanging out on the couch, on his rainforest mat, on our lap, just calm and happy. He hasn’t done that in a long time. So, I don’t know what happened, but I am so happy to have our chill boy back!! Hopefully it will stick!

My chill little boy:

Josie was so tired from her fun-filled day of playing with her new rabbits, that she fell asleep on the way home-that hasn’t happened in a long time!

So sweet.

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