Today I had my first official outing with BOTH of my kiddos, all by myself :)….and it went great! I needed to get out today to go to the finance office to get Jack on our insurance. Since it was Wednesday, I decided to go ahead and take Josie by the library for story time, since we would be so close anyways. I got all of us dressed, fed, and out the door with plenty of time to spare :). Just for the record, Jack is NOT a fan of the carseat-he normally settles down when we start moving, though. When we got to the library, I stuck Jack in his Moby wrap so he would be nice and snuggled in next to me, so no one would get close to him (works like a charm, by the way!). He snuggled right in, and slept the entire time we were at the library :). Josie had a great time at story time-she sat by Greyson, and even got to color with markers for the first time. After story time, I let her pick out new books and checked them out (this was the only hitch-I accidentally left our library card at home, so I had to buy a new one-they won’t let you check out books without your card 😛 ). 

Listening to the story-thanks, Beth for the super cute shoes! 

Coloring (with markers!)

After we left the library, we ran by the finance office to take care of our business, and then we headed on home before Jack could get hungry-and we almost made it…he started crying only when we were on our road :). 

Josie has like her baby brother more today-she has vastly ignored him for the better part of a week; but today she has been much more interested in helping and loving on him. I think she has accepted the fact that he is here to stay, so she might as well get used to it :). 

I am learning more and more to work around Jack’s schedule. He REALLY likes to eat, especially when he is cluster feeding. Yesterday he ended up eating a grand total of 16 times. Yes, 16. He has not eaten as many times today, though and he has slept more, so I am thinking-growth spurt? But I am learning to do things like cook dinner (or do as much prep as possible) in the afternoons before his evening cluster feeding starts. Nap time is a glorious thing at our house-Josie takes WONDERFUL naps-like 3 + hours! It is a great time for me to have some one-on-one time with Jack, REST myself, have a little “me” time when Jack is sleeping too, and get some things done-like cook, load the dishwasher, etc. 🙂

12 days old-getting bigger-which I don’t want him to!! 🙂

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