2 Kids

You know, before Jack was born, people warned me about how HARD the transition is going from one kid to two kids……but, truthfully, so far it has NOT been so bad! I think it helps that Jack is such a chill baby; but we are really doing good so far! We are definitely making adjustments to our schedules, and learning to work around Jack’s (many!) feeding times; but it is not a BAD thing at all! For example, I have learned that it is easier to give Josie a bath in the mornings now, instead of at night; her old bath-time is right in the middle of Jack’s cluster feeding before bedtime. Jake doesn’t mind giving her a bath, but often he is needing to do something during that time, also, so it just works for me to give her a bath in the morning :).

Also, I am learning to make GOOD use of the time I have when I am NOT feeding Jack. This morning while Josie was in the bath, Jack was sleeping in his swing, so I took the opportunity to clean and dust my bathroom (except for the tub, of course!) AND dry my hair :). I have learned to eat with Jack in his Moby wrap-he normally gets a little fussy right around lunchtime, so I just stick him in there, and he falls right to sleep, so I can fix lunch and eat hands-free :). True confession, though: I might have dropped just a drip of salsa on his head while I was eating today….

Jack has developed a pretty good schedule, which I am LOVING so far- he basically has three feeding/ sleeping times a day. He is “up” around 7 or so for the day-this is when he starts his first cluster feeding for the day. He will eat once or twice an hour for a few hours, then take a long midday nap (of course, he catnaps in between feedings, too). Then he will be up for cluster feeding again for a few hours, then another evening nap. Then he will cluster feed a LOT before bedtime, and then go down for the night between 9:30-10:30. Then he normally sleeps for 5-6 hours!! :). Last night he only woke up ONCE to eat, at 4:30, and then slept again until 7:30! The cluster feeding is a little challenging for getting things done, and it is pretty tiring for me while he is in the middle of it, but I do not  mind it AT ALL if he will continue to take those long nap breaks (plus sleep so long at night!)! He is a growing boy, that is for sure :). He is also staying awake for longer and longer amounts of time between eating, and that is pretty cool-he just likes to lay there and stare at all of his surroundings-I think it is about time for me to pull out his activity mat-which Josie will be SO excited about :). 

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