Stir Craziness….

The rest of yesterday was great-I got all the things on my list accomplished, except for vacuuming the floor, because I decided I shouldn’t do that. I tried to take some newborn shots, but Jack wasn’t really feeling it-he was too hungry! Chad visited, and we took the kids (I just love the sound of that-“kids,” plural) outside since it felt SO good. Grandaddy stopped by to visit, too. A sweet lady from church (Josie’s Sunday school teacher) stopped by to drop off a yummy dinner for us-thanks, Lori!

Attempted newborn shots…one of three that I actually got take :P. I will try again another day…

Last night I NEEDED to get out of the house-badly. The week before Jack was born, I was basically snowed in except for the couple of days we actually went to school. Then we were at the hospital, then we have been here except for the couple of hours it took to take Jack to the pediatrician. I was going stir crazy to say the least! So we asked Mama Judy to watch Josie for us (she was actually going to spend the night, but then decided after we got home that she didn’t want to), and we decided to take Jack with us to Wal-mart to do our grocery shopping. We went late so there would not be a lot of people, and I put him in my Moby Wrap so nobody would try to touch/get near him. The Moby worked like a charm-he slept the entire time, and nobody even got close. We got our shopping done-this was the first time I had been actual grocery shopping since before I went on partial bedrest (like, September!). It was great to get out of the house for a little while and feel like a normal person. Winter babies are hard-I feel good, Jack is great, and we are ready to show him off to the world-but I SO don’t want to risk him catching the flu!! Shopping REALLY wore me out-I still am so out of shape-I cannot wait to be cleared by my doctor so I can start exercising again!! 

Katie was with Mama Judy, so she got to hold Jack for the first time 🙂

All ready to go to Mee-Maw’s!

At Wal-mart, all snuggled in and sleeping in the Moby.

I was really tired this morning, from shopping last night and then Jack was up a little more than usual (he is a HUNGRY boy!) so my sweet hubby got up with Josie and let me sleep in-and I did-until 10:30! I never sleep that late! But I sure do feel better this morning :). 

We are still stir crazy, and trying to think of things we can do to get out of the house without getting Jack around too many people. Any suggestions?

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