First day at home…

by ourselves! Just me, Jack, and Josie. Jake decided to go on in to work today for a little while (so he doesn’t have to work an extra day over Christmas!). I was a little nervous about this day, but so far, it has been great! I have cooked breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, unloaded/loaded the dishwasher, changed out the quilt on my bed and made it up, showered, dried my hair, gotten Jack dressed/changed/fed (a couple of times!), started laundry, and now am giving Josie a bath-she is playing at the moment :). I was the most nervous about the shower, but it worked out fine-Jack slept in his swing, and Josie watched a movie on my Ipod-worked great. Josie even mopped the kitchen floor for me- and did a great job! 🙂 There was a sticky place on the floor, and it was driving her crazy, so she got out her mop to pretend to clean it- but I just went ahead and put water on the mop for her, she went to town, and voila! floor is now clean :). Hopefully I won’t get busted for child labor ;P. 

Funny story: When we were eating breakfast, Jake and I were talking, and he jokingly said “why don’t you just come to work with me?” Well, Josie took that to heart, and said-“Yes Mommy, you go with Daddy and Jack and I will stay here by ourselves!” She totally was convinced that I just needed to go and leave them here. She had it all planned out-when we asked her what she would do with Jack, she said “put him in yall’s bed.” When I asked what she would do when he got hungry, she said “feed him his bottle.” (keep in mind, Jack has not had a bottle yet, so I’m not sure what bottle she is talking about….)  When I asked her who was going to fix her lunch, she said “Myself!" 

On the list to do for the rest of the day:

-write thank-you cards

-take some newborn pictures of my sweet little one-if he is in the mood!

-Finish the laundry

I would really like to vacuum the living room, too-but I am not sure I should do that, because my stitches are not dissolved yet…..hmmm……

Now for a picture:

I tried out my Moby wrap with Jack for the first time last night-and he absolutely LOVED it. In fact, he cried when I took him out! He just loves to be snuggly, warm, and cozy. And he loves to lay on my chest. Yay! I LOVED wearing Josie in my Moby, so I am so glad he likes it! Makes it so much easier to get things done when he wants to be held and I need my hands free :). 

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