Yesterday we had a ton of visitors :). Becca and Greyson, Jamie (our pastor), Nana (she came and took Josie to the library for story time), Shshr, Ta, Mom, Dad, Casey and Kyle. It was a great day. Jack continues to be the MOST.CHILLED.CHILD.EVER. At one point there were 5 people here-and he slept through the whole thing. He slept a TON yesterday. At one point I was actually getting worried about him, because I kept having to wake him up to eat! But then I got over it, because he woke up more in the evening, and ate a TON. 🙂 He is still doing so good eating-I am SO happy about this, and I feel so blessed. Nursing is actually an enjoyable experience-I don’t remember ever exactly feeling that way with Josie-although I so desperately wanted it to be! Jack is still doing great at night, too-he wakes up to eat, and goes right back to sleep-I’ll take it! 🙂 Dr. Eidson said I don’t have to wake him up to eat during the night. He said if he’s sleeping, let him sleep! So I am-he is doing good about telling me when he’s hungry. He gives early warning signs-he just starts rooting around and smacking long before he actually starts crying. I try to feed him before he starts crying-it is much easier to get him latched when he is calm. 

Josie is doing better. She is still having her rough moments, but she is adjusting. It helped that she got lots of attention yesterday-she and Greyson got to play upstairs in her room for a long time together-she LOVED that. Jake and I are trying to give her all the one-on-one attention we can, and I am trying to make it a point to give her attention, even when I am feeding Jack. 

Shshr and Jack

Becca and Greyson

Josie modeling her hat she made at the library

Playing with Greyson in her room 🙂

Josie and Greyson putting on a show 🙂

Finally got a picture of the dimples!! 

Ta and Jack

Casey, Kyle, and Jack

Pappy with his grandkids

Grammy and Pappy and the grandkids 🙂

Pappy and Jack

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