Jack’s birth story

Our scheduled time to be at the hospital was 4:45 a.m. We went to bed early Thursday evening (Josie spent the night with Nana), but I woke up around midnight, and never really could go back to sleep. I kept having to get up to go to the bathroom (way more than normal), and I couldn’t get comfortable. I thought it was just because I was anxious about being induced the next morning, but now I know I was actually in labor. 

The drive to the hospital was uneventful, but COLD-it was only 5 degrees outside! At one point, the thermometer in the car said -2. Once we got there, they got us into a room, put my IV in, and got my heart and contraction monitors on. They didn’t start my pitocin right away, though, because Dr. Rodier had wanted them to start it later, so that she didn’t get stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get to me to deliver! (she was afraid I would go really fast). However, once they started looking at the contraction chart, I was already having contractions 2-5 minutes apart, and I was definitely starting to notice them. I am really glad about that, because I would have go into labor on my own that day anyways :). They started my pitocin at 7:15-at that point Jake and I were just hanging out with my Mom and Dad, Casey, and Mama Judy. 

At 8:30 Dr. Rodier came into break my water, so everyone cleared out (except for Jake, of course!). When she checked me then I was 90% effaced, 5 ½ cm dilated, and Jack was at 0 station. By 9:00 I started feeling regular, pretty intense contractions, about every 2 minutes apart. They were still not horrible though, and Jake and I just passed the time by talking, listening to Jack Johnson, and taking polls on Facebook about Jack’s weight :). By 9:15 they really started picking up, and I started needing to breath through them. Jake switched the music to The Wailin’ Jenny’s, and continued to distract me with talking and cutting up :). He is a WONDERFUL birth partner-I could never do it without him.  By 9:35 I was REALLY needing to breath through the contractions, and I got the nurses to change my bed into a chair so I could change positions a bit. 

At 10:20 the nurse came to check me again- I was 7 cm, at plus one station, and just had a lip of cervix left. I was also beginning to feel some back labor, just on my right side. It got pretty intense, but luckily I had some wonderful nurses who knew just what to do. They made me lie on my left side to help Jack turn some, and they massaged my back with oil and applied counter pressure during my contractions-that helped SOO much. At that point, I was in VERY active labor, and it was all going very fast. I went to 8 cm quickly, and was starting to feel the urge to push, but I had a very stubborn “lip” of cervix that would NOT go away. When I was finally able to push, it was SUCH  a relief. It only took about 5 or 6 contractions of pushing for him to be here-and we discovered why I had been having back labor-he was turned facing my left, instead of face down. Dr. Rodier did NOT have to cut me-I was SO glad for that (she DID with Josie). I only tore a little-right where I had with Josie. I can already tell my recovery is going to be much easier in that regard-and I am so glad! This whole delivery was different than with Josie-Josie’s was more intense, without the break between contractions-it made it all much more a blur, and much harder to remember. This time, I had at least little “breaks” between all my contractions, right until he came out; it was awesome to have those little times to catch my breath. I also was fully aware of all my pushing, and knew exactly what was happening when his head, then his shoulders came out. I was really glad to know what was going on-it made it easier to concentrate on what I needed to do!

Right when he came out, she was able to put him on my belly and I got to hold him for a minute-I was so happy, because I didn’t get to do that with Josie-the cord was wrapped around her neck when she was born. He wasn’t even crying really when he came out-he just looked right up at me, and I could immediately tell that he looks just like his big sister. 🙂 They took him over to clean him up, and he finally let out this tiny meow of a cry-then settled right down, and after they weighed him, they brought him right back to me so that I could hold him. He is absolutely perfect, with blue eyes, precious little dimples, and a head full of blonde hair. I do think my ultrasound dates were correct; I think he was about a week overdue-he has some of the signs of being overdue-SUPER dry skin, and super long nails. He was REALLY alert after he was born-he had his eyes open a ton. And he ate like a champ, right after he was born-latched right on without any problems. He is still nursing really great, which I am so grateful for-I was a little gun shy after all the problems Josie had with eating. Hopefully everything will keep going well with his eating! 

The rest of the day was great; I was STARVING right after, but even more thirsty-I CHUGGED some juice and tea, and then ate the lunch they had brought me. Josie came in to meet her new baby brother-she was so excited! She was also a little overwhelmed at everything, and I think she was a little bothered that I couldn’t get out of bed; but otherwise she was great and so happy to be a big sister.  I was able to move to a regular room pretty quickly, and we got settled into getting to know our sweet little boy. He is SO chill; he has hardly cried at all-we even got lots of sleep last night-in fact, the nurse had to come wake Jack and I up after a four hour stretch so he could eat!! Jake and I are SO in love; so excited to have our little boy here, in our arms. He is absolutely a perfect gift from God. 

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