Dr. Update

Well, we are back from the doctor. Jack now weighs 7 pounds, 9 ounces-so he is up 5 ounces from last time. Dr. E said that is not quite as much as he could have gained by now, but it sometimes takes babies 3 weeks to get back to birth weight, so he still has several days to get there :). So, he said he is looking good, and he didn’t need to see us again until our next appt, which is on the 11th. I am so glad I took him though, because now I can breathe a little easier :).

Wonderful Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend around here! 

Friday we started out with a little time on the rainforest mat: 

Then when I finally got everyone dressed and out the door, Mom went with Jack and Josie and I to run some errands. Jack was ALL ABOUT THE FOOD on Friday, but we managed to go to Babies R Us and Target in about 2 ½ hours total-and got back to Mom’s before Jack had to eat again :). 

Friday night we went to Chad and Lesa’s for a 31 party that Lesa was hosting. This was Jack’s first outing with people, and he did great! Katie Ann and Beth got to meet him for the first time-Katie Ann was fascinated :).

Saturday started out with a nice, long lazy morning in our pjs. Then, since it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, we decided to take an impromptu day trip to Franklin, TN to go antiquing. When we told Josie that we were antiquing, she literally jumped up and down-she LOVES antiquing :). The day was perfect-I put Jack in the Moby, Jake pushed Josie in the Bob, and we walked all around Franklin. It felt SO GOOD to be walking-this was really my first time to go on a walk since about July! I can’t wait until I can start exercising again. 

After we left Franklin, we went down to Leiper’s Fork to check out a couple more antique stores and to eat at Puckett’s. This was Jack’s first restaurant experience, and he did great-he just slept in the Moby the whole time :). This was a great restaurant for his first time because it wasn’t very crowded, and we were able to sit by ourselves in the back :). 

After we ate, we decided to head back home on the Natchez Trace-Pop would have been proud :). 

This was a great day for a lot of reasons-it was beautiful, we all got to be together as a family of four, we got out of the house, but most important-we proved we can still take our impromptu day trips with TWO kids, and be just fine! Jack was perfect-I just fed him in the car when he got hungry, we took snacks for Josie, and just went with the flow :). 

Sunday morning we all slept in, and then Dad and Mom picked Josie up for church. We decided to wait one more week before taking Jack to church for the first time. It is one thing to go to stores and restaurants-I can just put him in the Moby and avoid the people. Church is a different story-lots of people, and we would be sitting in close proximity-and everyone will want to meet him :). So with the flu still going around, we decided it would be best to wait one more week. 

Josh and Jackie and Ta dropped by to visit Jack:

Jackie even helped me give Jack a bath :).

Last night Mom and Dad grilled duck for us, Chad and Lesa, and Casey and Kyle. It was SO yummy :). After we ate, we all watched “How to Train Your Dragon.” It was super cute, and Josie LOVED it-maybe we finally have a replacement for Toy Story! ;P

This afternoon I am taking Jack to the dr for a weight check-I think he is doing just fine with his eating, but we just want to make sure-we are still a little skittish after all we went through with Josie! I will update after we get back :).

Oh-one more thing-Jack’s cord finally fell off this morning-so-yay! we can finally give him a real bath-Josie is so excited about this!


I woke up this morning determined to get some cute photos of my kiddos together. I think it is MUCH harder to photograph my own children than other people’s kids. Probably because I am lacking that extra person to help when it is my own kids! And because Josie likes to “help” when I am taking pics of Jack- :P. 


I had to bribe Josie to hold him…she was afraid he was going to cry-she HATES when he cries….

Sweet smile

Thank you so much, Mrs. Elaine for the beautiful hat-we have gotten SO many compliments on it!