is a virtue. I have to remind myself of that right now. I am SO excited to meet Jack, and so ready for him to be here! Our house is all ready, we are all ready, now he just has to come…but it appears he has gotten nice and comfy in there, and wants to have a Valentine’s Day birthday! 🙂 We will see, I guess! 

Snow day

Because of the snow, Jake decided to work from home this morning for a little bit before he went into Nashville….so before he left, we all three got to go play in the snow for a little while :). 

The snow on all the trees was SO pretty…

Josie loved having her Daddy to pull her all around in her sled 🙂

Building a snowman…

Probably one of my all time favorite pictures of them….

Snow angels…

37 weeks and baby shower

Well, I am OFFICIALLY  full term. Maybe even more than full term, if you are going by ultrasounds and not dates :). So that means, Jack-you may exit my body anytime you want! And I think he is definitely getting ready for that-I have been having LOTS of labor symptoms the past two days, and LOTS of (painful) contractions. Dr. Rodier checked me today, and I was still only about 3-4 cm dilated-but at least that’s something! 🙂 So, the verdict is, I could go at anytime….or I could walk around another week or two…who knows!

37 weeks-maybe this could be my last belly shot? 

Tonight, after my doctor’s appointment, the sweet ladies from our church threw Jack and I a beautiful shower. It was SO sweet of them to do this-I wasn’t expecting a shower at all, with Jack being our second-but it definitely made me feel very special :). There were some other girls there, and Josie had a BLAST playing with her “tids.” We received all kinds of nice stuff-diapers, wipes, bath stuff, receiving blankets, towels, some cute clothes and sleepers, a really nice soft embroidered blanket, burp cloths, a newborn stocking hat and shoes, and more that I just can’t think of right now-these ladies did SO much-we are so very blessed to be part of such a very sweet church family :). 

So here are some pics from the night: 

Awesome cake made by my sister-in-law Becca-it was BEAUTIFUL. Plus the really cool diaper cake made by one of the ladies from the shower-thanks Duffy! 

Josie’s sweet friend Addie with her wonderful mom Julie 🙂

Addie and Josie

Presents-we are so blessed!

Sweet ladies at the shower

Sweet girls giving Josie a present, too! 

Megan and Lori