Blessings of 2010

I don’t make resolutions; I don’t know why, I just don’t like them. So instead, I like to post my blessings. 

So here are some blessing I have seen in my life over the past year:

-Growing closer to God through our wonderful church, Grace. 

-Growing closer to our community group, and helping start a new church, Redeemer-I have never experienced starting a new church before, and, while this is hard, it is also a blessing to have a new opportunity to grow. 

-Growing closer to my husband. 

-Having a husband who loves me so much, he will sacrifice ANYTHING for me; and shows me how much he loves me,

-Getting to watch our beautiful little girl learn (so much!), grow, play, and change from a “baby” to a “big girl.”

-Josie had SUCH a healthy year-I don’t think she was sick, even ONCE. Woa! 

-Finding peace with working AND being a mom. God showing me He DEFINITELY  has a purpose for me being a teacher. 

-Finding out we were pregnant with a precious little boy and having a healthy and safe pregnancy. 

-A wonderful family who does SO much for us.

-Wonderful friends and church family who do SO much for us.

-God always providing, no matter what. 

-Learning AGAIN, to always trust in Him. This is a lesson we have had to learn many, many times, and I know we will continue to learn it many, many times in the future. 

-Having a beautiful house to live in, cars to drive, food to eat, clothes on our back-we are blessed beyond measure in this respect. 

-A new family member-Lesa! 

-My brother and dad both staying safe in their dangerous jobs. 

This is DEFINITELY not a complete list. But if I tried to complete it, I would never stop typing-because I am SO blessed. I do not deserve all of these blessings; I can never earn these blessing; but I can try to live a life worthy of these blessing. I will never succeed, but MY GOD is a perfect God; and His grace covers my multitude of sins and imperfections. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and blessed New Year’s.


We are beginning to make some progress in getting ready for Jack to come! 🙂 Yesterday they came and measured for the upstairs carpet, so now all we are waiting on is for Lowe’s to order it and install it.  Today Jake went to Springfield Antique Mall and picked out a dresser and an old school desk (to use for a nightstand) for our room. The dressers we have used in there since we got married, are the same ones I had used since I was FIVE….so definitely time for an update for us :). This means that one of our old dressers will move upstairs for Josie-so she will have a place to put her clothes now! Yay! And today Jake is washing all of Jack’s newborn clothes and blankets and such, so then I can get them folded and put away in his drawers (once we move Josie’s clothes into our old dresser). I can also go ahead and pack his hospital bag once his stuff is washed :). I am a bit paranoid that I will go into labor the minute I get off of bedrest this time, so I think that I need to go ahead and get that done. 

Progress is a wonderful feeling  🙂

Steak house

Yesterday was Jake’s 30th birthday. We have been talking since MAY about going to the Chop House (a steakhouse in Hendersonville) on his birthday, so I decided to spring myself from my house arrest, and take him out on for his birthday dinner, since I couldn’t cook it like I normally do. We were really careful-parked RIGHT in front of the door, the only walking I did was to go to the bathroom and to our table. The steak house was REALLY good-we enjoyed ourselves. It was so nice to be out of the house, together, just doing something normal. We were both starting to get really frustrated with bedrest-because Jake hasn’t really been doing anything, either, except for going to work and running errands.  So it was refreshing to have some time, OUT, together 🙂 (Josie was at church with my Mom and Dad). After the steak house, we went to Marble Slab (Jake dropped me off at the door). And can I just say…YUM…it had been a long time since I had had any ice cream, and I had cheesecake mixed with chocolate chips…absolutely divine :). So all in all, a simple, wonderful night with my hubby :). 

Go Fish

Josie never ceases to amaze me. I just played a completely legit game of Go Fish with my 2 year old. Her Mee-Maw gave her some playing cards shaped like penguins for Christmas (which she LOVES), and she wanted me to play them with her. So first we were just counting cards, and then I decided to ask her what the shapes on the cards were-heart, diamond, “clover,” and spade. She knew them all, the first time, without any prompting.  So then I decided, if she knew that, we could play a simplified version of “Go Fish.” So we did-and it was awesome! I would ask her for a shape, and if she had it, she gave it to me. If she didn’t, she would tell me “go fish” (with a humongous grin plastered on her face). Then she would ask me for a card-her favorite things to ask for were diamonds and hearts, but she occasionally would ask for a clover or spade, too. She LOVED when she had to “go fish” if I didn’t have a card. We didn’t lay matches down, this time-but next time we play, I will totally teach her that aspect, since she caught on so quickly to the rest! Fun times :). 

33 weeks!!

In all the Christmas excitement, I forgot (of course) to post my weekly update yesterday! I am now 33 weeks preggo, which is exciting because it means I am only FOUR weeks away from being completely full term-which of course will mean-NO MORE BED REST OF ANY KIND! Woo hoo!! While being on bed rest this time has definitely not been as bad as the first time, it has just been reaaaalllllyyy drawn out. I haven’t been on full bedrest for as long this time around, but I have had some kind of restriction with this pregnancy pretty much since I found out I was pregnant (to try and prevent as much full bed rest as possible). Just for example: I had to stop exercising RIGHT away-I haven’t been on even so much as a walk since June, I haven’t seen the inside of a store at all since AUGUST, I haven’t gotten to go to church since OCTOBER, I have been on partial bedrest (which means teaching from my rolling chair, and then coming straight home to my couch and doing NOTHING else) for 4 ½ weeks, and then complete bedrest for 5 weeks now. I will be on complete bed rest until January, and then hopefully I will get to go back to school when it starts back on the 5th; I will still be on the partial bedrest, but it will help to not have to take any more sick days! But when I hit 37 weeks-I am home free! No more restrictions for the first time since June! Woo hoo!! My goal then: try to get some strength and stamina back before this little one comes-because I do NOT have much now-I get worn out just getting ready to go somewhere, and standing for more than 5 minutes is cause for some major back pain-my muscles are just gone. Oh, and the minute I turn 37 weeks-I am going straight to Target :). 

Now all this being said-I just want to clarify that it is COMPLETELY worth it, and I would go back and do it all over again in a second, as long as this precious little boy gets here safely, at the right time, and is healthy :). 

Now for the weekly update:

Not too much to update-belly is getting bigger, I wake up at least once a night to go to the bathroom, I am thirsty ALL.THE.TIME, and I can’t eat much at a time, because of the way he is laying on my stomach-I guess that is why I didn’t gain any weight this last time. It is getting harder and harder to get on my shoes-I see only slip ons in the very near future. Casey got me new luggage for Christmas, so I have been actually putting some thought into making a packing list for my hospital bag. We have picked out carpet for the upstairs, so now we are just waiting for them to come and measure/install it, and then Josie will move upstairs. Nana and Shshr got her bedding for her new bed for Christmas, so she will be all set as soon as the carpet is in. Then we can start on Jack’s room. First things first, I am going to wash all his blankets and clothes and put them away, so they will be ready, just in case. (They are currently in bags, waiting to be washed, because I have nowhere to put them until Josie’s clothes are moved upstairs…)

Josie is getting more and more excited about having a baby brother. Every day, she talks about changing Jack’s diaper, holding him, helping feed him, play with him, etc. I think it is becoming more and more real to her-she is really starting to understand! (I think the growing, moving belly really helps :P)

Woo, I TOTALLY didn’t mean for this post to be so long (and boring), so if you made it to the end-thanks, you love me more than I thought! 🙂

Christmas Day

After we left our house, we headed down to Mom and Dad’s-in the BEAUTIFUL snow, I might add :). Josie kept saying “its a snooowwy Christmas!” Every Christmas morning, all the men do the cooking, and we have a great big breakfast. 

Andy always cooks the traditional fried oysters…

Daddy cooked the bacon and sausage…

Jake cooked the eggs…

Jim and Chad supervised :)……Uncle Bill brought ham, too, but I forgot to get a picture of that…

Beth and Josie

Christie and Katie Ann

Wyatt opening his presents…

Wyatt opening his presents…

We always do presents just for the little kids for this gathering. It’s always fun to watch them rip open all their gifts :). Josie was excited to get some blocks and some new clothes-she really likes getting clothes!! 

Christmas with just my family was a little different this year. That just happens, with age, I guess, because we all have different responsibilities now :). Normally on Christmas Eve we all go down to Mom and Dad’s for a bit and give our presents to each other, and ours to Mom and Dad. We couldn’t do that this year, because Chad had to work. Then normally on Christmas morning, before Daddy’s family get there, Mom and Dad give us our “Santa Claus” gifts (because my Daddy refuses to give up on that tradition :P). But this year, Chad and Lesa needed to be at her house before our breakfast, so that didn’t work out either. So after Daddy’s family began to leave, we all exchanged our gifts- to each other, to Mom and Dad, and Mom and Dad gave us all our Santa gifts and their gifts to Josie, of course :). 

I was SO excited about the new cross necklace that Mom and Dad gave me. Daddy had given me a necklace with a cross charm for my 16th birthday, and earlier in the year when our house got broken into, it was one of the things that was stolen-I was heartbroken about it. (The robbers got the jewelry box that housed ALL of my sentimental jewelry). The necklace they gave me this year is beautiful, and it means so much, just because of that. They also got me a few other things, because they like to spoil us all rotten :), and I also had some cute gifts to open up for Baby Jack :). 

Josie was excited to get some cool gifts, too-art supplies from Casey and Kyle, a new build-a-bear dog, complete with clothes and a backpack, from Chad and Lesa, a CD player with microphones so she can sing from Grammy and Pappy-plus a few other things from Grammy and Pappy:

Mom said this present was just from Pappy-she wasn’t going to claim it :). 

PLUS a camo shirt-she was SO excited, because she is always talking about going deer hunting with her Pappy…so now she is going to have to! 

A sleepy Josie and Mommy (and a BIG baby Jack belly)….and yes, can you see that I was following doctor’s orders and laying on the couch?

After we left Mom and Dad’s we headed to Mama Judy’s to hang out for a little while and to eat some yummy soup and chili :). Josie konked out on the way there, so she ended up taking a pretty long nap while we were there! The excitement of the two days was just too much for her….

On our way home the roads were actually starting to get icy and slick, but we made it home safely. 

Christmas Morning

Okay, first off I would like to say, I have NO IDEA why that video is posted sideways, and I don’t know how to fix it. Oh well. So I will commence blogging :).

Christmas morning was fun this year. I woke up earlier than Josie, and was about to go wake her up, when she finally woke up about 7. She walked into the living room, and this is what she saw:

We had covered up her Santa present with blankets, just in case she happened to wake up in the middle of the night (because her room is RIGHT off of the living room), but the blankets kind of freaked her out-she didn’t know why there were a bunch of blankets draped over her toy box. But once we started pulling off the blankets, she was really excited to see this underneath: 

She quickly got to work examining every nook and cranny; I had to convince her it was hers, and that she could play with it, before she would touch it, though :). Santa brought her the house, a little family of people to go with it, and her stocking stuffers :). 

She loved the front door 🙂

Jake helping her open her stocking. In her stocking she had a coloring/sticker book, a little snow globe, a pig stocking cap (which she LOVES), some play dough, some silly putty, and some goldfish. The goldfish, or “snacks” as she calls them, were a very important item, because this is ALL she would say that Santa was bringing her :). 


Her new pig hat 🙂

A funny thing happened in the middle of her stocking opening. She got the play dough out, and then all of a sudden walked out of the room into the kitchen. When we asked her what she was doing she said, “I haft to put my play dough in my play dough drawer!” Only my child….

She was also really excited to find that Santa Claus had brought Jack a raccoon hat in his stocking, too :). 

While we were getting ready to head down to Mom and Dad’s, Josie wandered into the kitchen and noticed the cookies were gone off the Santa plate. She said “Hey! Santa ate all the tookies!!” She was so excited about that :). 

Christmas morning was so much more fun this year, since Josie was actually understood what was going on-I know it will just get more fun every year! We hung around in our pjs in the living room for a little while, then we got dressed and headed to Mom and Dad’s for our normal Christmas breakfast with my Daddy’s family, and exchanging gifts with just my family (Mom and Dad, Chad and Lesa,  and Casey and Kyle). Josie really wanted to take her doll house with us when we left. We told her we couldn’t, because it was too big, and she said “but it can go in the back!!” So we compromised and let her bring the people and the little bed :). 

I am excited about her doll house, too, because now we can have fun shopping together for new furniture for it (when she has money to spend), and we can add to it, bit by bit, for occasions. 🙂 I told her that when I was able to shop again, we could take her piggy bank money and go to the store and get some new furniture for it. I was telling her all the furniture she could buy-an oven, a table, a couch, a potty, a bathtub, etc. She was the MOST excited about a bathtub!