I finally remembered to take a video of Jack’s heartbeat today! The only thing I wish was that I had been able to get Josie’s expression on here when she heard it (she went with me today); I just wasn’t coordinated enough to hold my shirt up, lay correctly, and hold the camera at the right angle, too. So this is audio only :).


Well, I am now on official, full time bedrest. No more teaching until after Christmas. I went to the doctor today, and my cervix is very thin, and starting to open a little; I have LOTS of pressure, and the baby boy is very low. Tomorrow I go for a cervical ultrasound to see exactly what is going on down there. I have “progressed” further than I was at this point with Josie, so it is important for me to be off my feet now. We don’t want this little guy coming early!! So any prayers ya’ll can send our way would be most appreciated, as always. 

Good news at my appointment-even with all the Thanksgiving chowing down, I only gained 2 pounds this month! Woo Hoo! That means I have gained a total of 15 pounds. I’m happy with that :). 

Date day :)

Today, Shshr and Nana asked if they could take Josie to the Vandy basketball game. We said yes, so off she went in her cheerleading dress :). Since Josie was otherwise occupied, Jake and I decided to go see the new Harry Potter movie-I have been dying to see it since it came out, and we decided it would be fine for me to go. We parked in the handicap parking (I have a temp tag), walked right in,  I sat the entire time, and then we came back home and I got back on the couch. It was WONDERFUL to be out-a great change of scenery. It was also great to be out with just my honey ;). We haven’t had a date in months, due to all the bed resting and “taking it easy” I have been having to do. The movie was awesome, too-best one yet! 

Today I am officially 29 weeks pregnant, but I am saving my update for tomorrow, because I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon-we are praying for a good update, and hopefully the go-ahead to continue teaching until Christmas! Any of your prayers would be appreciated, too! 🙂

First Christmas dress of the season…

Josie wore her first Christmas dress of the season to go to church with Grammy and Pappy this morning, so of course I had to get some pictures. The super cute boots are courtesy of Grammy, who gave them to her as an early Christmas present. They were just too cute for her not to be wearing right now, plus they matched this dress perfectly! 

Warning: it is VERY hard to get a picture of Josie right now where she is not smiling weird, acting goofy, or making a silly face…..She is also NOT still for pictures any longer…

Playing with her Pappy…

Showing off her new boots….I don’t know what’s up with that face 😛

Thanksgiving at Mama Judy’s

Friday we celebrated Thanksgiving at Mama Judy’s house with Jake’s family. It was a great day, full of very yummy food, playing cards, hide-and-seek (Jake and the kids), and just general hanging out. OH and I finally got a picture of all SIX grandchildren-we had not gotten to take one since Matthew has been born….6 months ago! So we finally have an up-to-date picture of the grandkids…at least for a couple of more months! 

Katie spent most of her day absorbed in a book 🙂

Carley being silly 😛

Becca, wearing Josie’s sunglasses-Josie got a kick out of that! 

Carley and Josie

Serious card game-hand and foot-It is my FAVORITE card game. (and yes, that is a shadow of my belly….it couldn’t be avoided, unless I stood in a chair-and I decided that was probably not the best idea…)

Sweet Abby girl

Jake and Matthew in all his striped sweater cuteness

Andrew-he is getting SO old looking! 

And finally one of all SIX grandkids 🙂

Josie’s first pictures

I thought I would post some pictures that Josie took with her camera. Warning: they are of questionable quality-but I think we have a budding photographer on our hands! 🙂 (And this little Little Tikes camera actually takes some pretty decent pictures…)

So here is Thanksgiving at Nana’s from Josie’s point of view:

Nana’s door and porch….

Pappy, cutting up the turkey-she got a LOT of pictures of legs! 

Chad-she is not great at the STANDING STILL part of being a photographer….

Nana 🙂

Thanksgiving at Nana’s

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I started off the day, of course, by watching the Macy’s Parade. I love doing this, even still :). And this year was 10 times better, because Josie was old enough to care, and watched with me! She was so excited to see the balloons, and loved watching the Rockettes do their high kicks-she did a hilarious job of imitating them,too-I wish I had gotten it on video! 

We went to Nana’s for lunch and hung out the rest of the day. It was great to see everyone, and lunch was DELICIOUS.  I have to say I did a terrible job with my picture taking. I always do a pretty crummy job on Thanksgiving, because everyone is just sitting around or eating-not great for picture taking. But this year, I was pretty confined to the recliner, which makes it even harder to get pictures. I did manage to do a quick photo shoot on the porch with Josie, though (and yes, I was sitting the whole time!). Here are a few of my faves (she was in a way silly mood):

OH, Shshr got Josie her very first camera :). She had a blast running around taking pictures and telling everyone to say “okra” or “cheese” or “mayonnaise.”

I will try to upload some of her first pictures later :). 

And one last pic: 

This is how Jack and I spent our day. 

Today we are off to Mama Judy’s for Thanksgiving with Jake’s family-yum! Maybe I’ll do a better job picture taking today….