Barn roof

Yesterday we were so blessed to have tons of help to finally get our barn roof on! Yay! Thank you so much to Mr. Phil, Tim, Daddy, Justin, Chad, Andy, and Kyle for coming to help! Jake and I appreciate it so much :). 

The guys started early and worked until dark, putting trusses on and then the tin. Daddy, Justin, and Andy are coming back today to help put the last few pieces of tin on. While the men were working, Mom did my laundry and she and Christie helped clean up around the house and ran some errands for us-so appreciated! Josie had a BLAST playing with her cousins-she was so worn out last night that she was asleep by 7:30! Mama Judy dropped by with some awesome cookies :). Nana and Shshr came by, and the kids had a blast helping Nana pick some pears. I showed Casey how to make some bows (since I could do that sitting down) and made Josie some new pigtail bows, since she had almost demolished her ones I made her-plus, she needed some more colors. All in all, it was a wonderful day of family and friends-we are SO UNBELIEVABLY BLESSED! 

Daddy, Andy, and Chad putting trusses up. 


Alec and Wyatt, building creations with the scraps

Jake handing up some boards

Pizza break 🙂

The kids helping Nana pick pears

The barn with the trusses completed

Josie and her Grammy

Putting the tin on

On side of the roof completed!

Josie and Katie Ann sitting on the “table and bench” Alec built them 🙂

**Thanks so much to Shshr and Christie for taking pictures! I wasn’t able to, since I wasn’t able to walk out there 😛

Dr.’s Appointment

Well, I had my 24 week doctor’s appointment today. And I am all over the place about it. My doctor was not very clear to me today. So this post is probably going to be all over the place, and not very clear, either. 

Here is what I am clear about:

-I am definitely still having contractions. Daily. However, they are never in regular patterns. They are worse during the week when I am teaching, and they are better when I am resting. 

-My cervix is thin, but not necessarily worse than it was at this same point with Josie.

-Jack is doing great in there- moving like crazy, heartbeat strong. He is also WAY low.

Here is all the rest of the gobbledy gook and the fuzzy parts:

I asked Dr. R, point blank, whether I could continue working. She said I can, but I have to be careful. She also said it would be better if I weren’t working. So this was the unclear part. With Josie, she told me point blank, I could not go back to work. Period. She then proceeded to schedule cervical ultrasounds and extra appointments. This time, I asked her if I was doing better than I was at this point with Josie, and she said not necessarily, but then she didn’t put me on full blown bed rest. And, she didn’t schedule ANY extra appointments, or any ultrasounds-my next appointment is not for 4 weeks. (So, my thoughts are, Dr. R is generally OVERLY thorough-if she was concerned, she would have scheduled an appointment to see me sooner). Basically, she left it up to me, kind of. So here, after processing the whole crazy appointment, which I am not doing a very good job describing, is the plan Jake and I came up with:

*I am going to be more diligent about keeping track of my contractions, so I can make sure that I am not having any in regular patterns.

*I am going to ask my principal about three different things at school that will help me avoid more walking.

*We will play it by ear, week by week, to make a decision about me working. 

*I will make sure that I am coming straight home everyday and parking it on my couch instead of hanging out at someone else’s house. Even though I have been sitting when we hang out at other people’s houses for dinners, I can relax much more when I am here, so therefore my contractions are less. 

*If I need to, I might start taking a day a week at school to get extra rest. 

And, as always, we would appreciate any prayers you could send our way :). I am very blessed and excited that I get to keep teaching at this point. The more I can teach, the longer I can stay home after Jack is here. 🙂

If you have made it to the end of this very long and rambly post, I am sorry, and thank you for reading!

Whew! What a night!

I have had a total roller coaster of emotions tonight! I went to take my jewelry off, like I always do when I get home, and I realized my engagement ring was missing! I was SO UPSET!  I tore my house apart, and bawled like a baby. It was nowhere to be found, and I just knew it had fallen off at school, and I also thought there was a good possibility it had fallen into the trash, because I had been cleaning out a bunch of stuff today. So I thought I would never see it again. Once I finally calmed down a little, I sent an email to my principal and vice principal, just telling them that I had lost it, and that if anyone turned one in that it might be mine. Fall carnival was going on at school tonight, so I thought they might still be there. Well, have I ever mentioned that I work with the Because I do. My vice principal, Tiffany, got the email, and she, my friend Jessie (who teaches in the fourth grade with me), and Ta went to my room and searched and found it in my cabinet!!! Ta called me and I was BEYOND excited and grateful. It was SO sweet of them to do that, and then on top of that, Jessie brought it by to me on the way home! I am SO blessed. So blessed. So blessed.

Verdict is-my ring has gotten WAAAY loose, and I hadn’t noticed…isn’t that funny…I am pregnant, isn’t it supposed to be getting too tight? So I think I am going to have to stop wearing it for awhile until my fingers get fat again, or something. I don’t want to lose it again…I know it is just a ring, and rings can be replaced, but it really does mean a lot to me. 

24 weeks

Just realized I had never done a 24 weeks post. I am officially 24 weeks and 2 days now. 24 weeks is a scary number for me, because this was the week when I was pregnant with Josie that I went on complete, strict bedrest. I have my appointment on Friday. We are praying that, if it is God’s will, I will NOT be put on total bedrest this time (since I am already pretty much on partial bedrest). I am praying, specifically, that there has been no change to my cervix since my last appointment. I would really like to continue to teach, because the longer I can work BEFORE Jack comes, the longer I can stay home with him after he is actually here. I know, however, that God has a perfect plan, and that is what will happen, no matter what. And whatever His plan is, He will provide.

In other pregnancy news, nothing exciting is happening. My belly continues to grow, Jack is moving ALL.THE.TIME. and I love every second of it. I love to feel him move, because it lets me know he is great in there. Jake gets to feel him move a lot now, and I SEE him move all the time, too. Josie has yet to feel him, but it is just because she doesn’t know what she is trying to feel. 😛

I am not really having any cravings/food aversions right now. I could always eat dumplings and milkshakes, but that is true when I am not preggo, too. I am still not big on any kind of cheese flavored cracker….but I would probably eat it if I were hungry. I am pretty sure I am going to find out that I have gained more weight on Friday than at my other appointments, though. That would be due to our vacation, where we ate like pigs, and all the yummy suppers our families have been so kind to provide us here lately :). 


We have had a great weekend around here. 

Friday night Josie and I went to my friend Nicole’s wedding. She teaches fourth grade with me at Greenbrier. The whole wedding and reception was BEAUTIFUL, and very elaborate :). Nicole was a gorgeous bride, and we all had a lot of fun. Josie’s favorite parts were the dance floor and the cake :). 

She and Caroline had a lot of fun dancing together. 🙂


They brought around trays with cookies and little bitty glasses of milk…Josie LOVED that 🙂

Josie and Nicole

All of the fourth grade teachers 

Yesterday Jake cleaned out the shed, I watched from a chair, and Josie played and played in the leaves and in her play house. Then we went in and I let Josie paint her pumpkin :). Since I am on light duty, I thought that would be better than carving one this year….plus, Josie LOVES to paint, so she really had fun! 

Playing with her big beach ball one last time before we deflated it for winter…