20 weeks (and 1 day)

20 weeks-halfway there! Yay! 

On the other hand, I am nervous. At 20 weeks with my last pregnancy, I was put on partial bed rest. At 24 weeks, full bed rest. Friday is my 20 week ultrasound and appointment. Will you please pray for us? If it is God’s will that I go on bed rest, than so be it-we will get through it just fine. But I would really like to NOT be on bed rest this time, if I could. 

Now for some updates:

I feel the baby move all the time now (in fact, he is moving right now!) Still can’t feel him from the outside, though, which means Jake hasn’t got to feel him yet. 

No particular food cravings/aversions here lately. Pizza did sound really good one night this past week, so my sweet hubby went and got me Little Caesar’s :). 

Belly is growing! It is just as big in the mornings now as it is when I go to bed…none of the “getting bigger as I eat thing” anymore. 

Josie likes to kiss my belly sometimes. 🙂 She also pretends she gets the baby “out” and then she proceeds to carry him all over the house. She is a BIG pretender right now. 

I am always exhausted by the end of the day. But if I get woke up in the middle of then night (like last night Josie woke me up because she had to potty) then I have a really hard time going back to sleep. Too many things on the brain, I guess. 

I am already having Target/shopping withdrawals. (The dr. said no more shopping after my last appointment….see why I am nervous?) February is a LONG way away….online shopping is pretty fun, just not quite the same. 

Guess that’s it for this week! I will update Friday night! 

Social Butterfly

Josie has been an absolute social butterfly this week. Wednesday Nana took her to story time at the library (she always does), and her friends Caroline and Annsley came over to play afterwards. She had so much fun with them playing in the dirt and eating cupcakes! Then on Thursday, her good friend Greyson came to Nana’s to play. She loves Greyson, and talks about him all the time, so she was super excited. 

Friday night Shshr and Nana took her out to eat, and then they went to “her kids” (Claire and Morghan) softball game. She had a lot of fun watching them, and then she got to talk to them and give them hugs :). 

Tonight she got to meet some new friends, Emory, Delanie, and Braden because some family friends of ours, the Bakers, came to Nana’s for dinner. She had a lot of fun playing with Braden, who is just her age, and she loved watching Emory, who is 9 months, play with her “baby” toys. I am so glad she is so into babies right now-lets just hope she stays that way! 

**Thanks Becca and Amy for the cute pictures! (Since I wasn’t there to capture the moments) 🙂