Caught up

Very happy because thanks to mom cooking dinner for us, I was able to do a grading marathon and get caught up on my grading for the first time since school started. Now, tomorrow I need to concentrate on my kitchen and the dishes that DESPERATELY need to be loaded into the dishwasher. One step at a time I WILL get everything caught up. Oh, and I have some really cute pictures from the weekend that I promise to post tomorrow, as well as telling all about being 17 weeks preggo with this sweet baby boy who is lightly kicking me as we speak.

And now, I leave you with a Josie quote:

Josie: I just saw a horse! Can you believe that momma?


Josie: dear Dod, Thank you for Jackie, and Pepper, and Ta, and Bump, and Bump’s titty tats and Bump’s dogs, and their food. Amen.

New design

So what do you think of the new design? And title? It was definitely time for a change, and I think Jake did a WONDERFUL job. I am absolutely loving this new look. Also, I have a new URL. You can type to get here. You can also just type the old URL, and it will get you here, too. So whichever way you would like is find with me! Well, off to start my week! 

New Look

So this is NOT the final new look of the blog. It is still a work-in-progress. Jake is going to make it all pretty for me :). It just has to look kind of plain before we get to the pretty. What do you think of the new name/verse to go with it? Oh, and notice the side now-there is a new “about me” page and also a link to my photography site. 

The Name

So people have been asking me about the name of this blog, now that there is another one on the way. I have been thinking about what I need to change it to. I thought maybe something like “Fentress Family of Four.” Anyone have any suggestions? Oh, and I guess I need to tell you, if this baby really is a boy, his name will be Jack Byron (Byron is Jake’s middle name) (oh, and we def. reserve the right to change our minds at anytime!) 🙂


Tonight we finally got to have some friends over for dinner. It has been WAY too long, and we had a lot of fun. We had THREE pregnant ladies, all in the same house :). And everyone survived (just kidding ;P). Seriously, it was wonderful to see some friends we hadn’t gotten to see in awhile. Josie was excited to have people at her house, too. She had to show off a bit (of course).

Mel-20 weeks, Diane-40+ weeks, Me-16 weeks

I just couldn’t resist the photo op (although I don’t think Diane was too thrilled!) But she is SO cute pregnant, whether she thinks so or not! 

Perfect night

What a great night. Yummy supper (Mama Judy joined us for some bubble-up pizza!). Then we went outside to pick some apples and pears. Have you FELT the weather? Perfection. Layed on the hammock watching Jake, MJ, and Josie girl in her hop-hop boots pick shake apples and pears from the trees. Wonderful. I think I need more nights like this.