So we told Josie

Tonight we decided to tell Josie about the baby. Well, as much as you can tell a 2 year old. 

We kept it simple. 

Jake: Josie, have you noticed that Mommy’s tummy is getting bigger?

Josie: mmhhmm

Me: Josie, do you know what is in Mommy’s belly?

Josie: A baby-a baby in my tummy, too! 

Simply put, she pretty much already knew…in her own little way. 

A little bit later on, we had this conversation:

Me: So, what is in my tummy?

Josie: A cat! 

Me: No, a baby! 

Josie: A baby 🙂

Josie: A baby in my tummy too! 

Me: Does Daddy have a baby in his tummy, too?

Josie: No!

Me: Why?

Josie: Cause bicycle wheels turn! 

So pregnancy update-I am officially 11 weeks pregnant, just one (or two, depending on which book you read) away from being OUT of the first trimester-yippee! Definitely feeling better these days, definitely feeling less tired, which is very blessed considering I am about to start school again. And, also, I think  I may be feeling some baby flutters here lately….I can’t be 100 percent positive, but it sure feels familiar….I know it is early, but everyone says you feel the second one a lot sooner….Who knows, but I will say it is the baby, just to make me feel good :). I still have a major food aversion to any kind of cheese-flavored cracker….or pretty much any kind of cracker in general. Soft serve ice cream, olives, and pickles always sound good. I still haven’t had my first appointment yet, because I was on vacation, and now my doctor is on vacation, so I will finally go and get to hear the heartbeat next week. I cannot wait. I hope it will finally make this pregnancy seem definitely real. I know I am pregnant, but sometimes it doesn’t really feel real yet….does that make any sense?

And now the photo barrage….Honestly, I just imported all my photos, and picked all my favorite ones on one dry run through-not something I usually do. Usually I at least kind of edit them or something-but not tonight :). I will post a link to all of them when I actually go through them for real and delete all the bad ones :)-that is one of the best things about digital photography! 

And we’re back!

Whew! We just got back last night from our annual 10-day camping extravaganza to Dale Hollow Lake. Today I have been unpacking, unpacking, and doing mounds and mounds of laundry. Good news is, it is all done except for a couple of quilts. Very good news, because tomorrow, I have to go to school for basically the first time all summer and start setting up my classroom since school starts NEXT WEEK-yikes! I also have inservice the rest of the week. Summer vacation is officially over.

 Back to the trip-it was AWESOME. Hands down the best camping trip we have had as a family of three. Our new pop-up did great, and we were SO grateful to have an air conditioner in the steamy heat. We got rain most days, but not enough to put a dander on any of the fun. Swimming was definitely our activity of choice, because it was REALLY hot. Josie loved the water. She liked floating in the “deep water” with her lady bug float or life jacket, but she really loved wading in the shallow water and playing with her water toys the best. She started getting brave towards the end of the week, going deeper and deeper by herself (with her lifejacket always on, of course). She liked riding in the boat, but it almost always put her to sleep-I guess the drone of the motor was just too much for her. It was a great way to squeeze in some naps, though! We fed fish and geese (she threw an entire waffle at the geese one day), and one day she went fishing for the very first time with her Grammy, Pappy, and Alec. She had a blast, and caught three fish. She did NOT like the worms, though-Pappy said she would hardly even look at them. We all ate tons of great food…..and I think we had some ice cream or some kind of special treat like almost every day! Definitely not a normal thing for the Josie girl, so I am sure she thought she had died and gone to heaven. She had a blast playing with all “my kids” as she calls them-Isabelle, Ella, Morgan, Claire, Bryce, and Andy’s kids. We all met at the playground almost every night-the kids fussed all over Josie, and she ate up every bit of the attention. She also learned a lot from them-by the end of the week, she was all over that playground, climbing everything like a pro, all by herself. She gets a little braver everyday, I think. 

None of us were ready to come home this time. Generally, once we get on the road, we are excited about coming home, but this time, we all just wanted to go back. Josie was sad to be home-she didn’t even want to come in the door! She kept asking where all “her people” were. Just evidence that we all had a wonderful trip, I guess. 🙂 We are already planning our next day trip up to the lake…..

25 months


You are more than 2 years old! Wow! And you are getting cuter and sweeter by the minute…and more rotten :). What are we going to with you when you are, say, 5?

This month you have:

-went to the library for the very first time….and for the second, third, and fourth time! You really love the library. Your favorite parts are putting the books in the return slot, picking new books, and reading on the big stuffed bear. 

-You started asking “why?” about everything, all the time.

-You spent the night with Grammy and Pappy for 2 nights in a row while Mommy and Daddy went sailing for their anniversary. 

-We converted your crib into a toddler bed. You did really well-only rolled out one night. 

-You are COMPLETELY potty trained! Woo hoo! You wear panties, all day, every day, not matter where we are. You just wear pull-ups for naptime and nighttime. They are dry after almost every nap, though. 

-Most of the time you say you are  "peeping" and pooping…..

-You went to Monkey Joe’s for the first time. You had fun, but were not overly impressed. 

-You played in your new sprinkler with Greyson-ya’ll had SOOO much fun!

-You love watermelon, raw bell pepper (straight from our garden!), baked beans, popsicles, yogurt……even though you still are not a big eater. You will do anything for milk, though and  you will eat rice and beans no matter what time of day. 

-You can count to 13 all by yourself…you usually leave out seven, though.

-You jumped off a diving board into Daddy’s arms.

-You caught a lightning bug all by yourself. 

-You have tried almonds and pecans with no reaction. 

-You got your first big girl bike with pedals (you were very concerned that your scooter did not have pedals). You bought it with your birthday money. 

-You have decided “Up” is not the only movie in the world. You have added “Toy Story” and “Little Mermaid” to your repertoire.

-You are getting familiar with time out. 

-You are SOOOOO excited to be going camping this week! 

-You have suddenly become very scared of bedtime. You have to go to sleep with your door wide open and all the lights on. We are not sure what has brought on this bedtime phobia….

-You LOVE to talk on the phone, and ask to talk no matter who Mommy or Daddy is talking to. 

-You are growing like a weed! Mommy measured you, and you are almost 3 feet! You had grown almost 4 inches in 3 months! Woa! 

Baby girl, we love you-this is such an exciting time in your life. I wish I could keep you this way forever :).