Today we went to lapsit at the library (Josie had fun!), and then Becca and Greyson went to the Mexican restaurant with us (Josie’s request-she wanted rice and beans, her favorite food!). After we ate, Greyson and Becca came over so the kids could play in Josie’s cool new beach ball sprinkler-they had so much fun!! They would run to the water, then scream and run the other way. Josie loves Greyson so much. When she woke up from her THREE HOUR nap, she asked about Greyson immediately, and just cried like her heart was broken when I reminded her that he had to go home. So we had to come look at pictures :). 

Just a sneak peek for a wonderful friend of mine. I had the privilege of taking some pics of Josie’s best friend, G, on Friday. They had a lot of fun playing together, and gave me the opportunity to get some really cute pics of G (and of course, just a few of them together-you, know for when they get married ) :). 

Big Girl bed update

Josie did great last night in her big girl bed! Slept all night, and this morning I woke up to her smiling face tapping me on the shoulder :). So much better than her crying and yelling for me to come “take her up!!” She was in a much better mood all morning, too. So I think we can say operation big girl bed was a success!

Turned Josie’s bed into a “big girl” bed tonight! She was so excited, and I just had to get a few pictures :). Thanks to Mel for the super cute PJs. Put her to bed just like normal, she cried for maybe a minute and half, and now she is out like a light, just like usual! She is SUCH a big girl now…my baby is all grown up (sniff sniff). 

So, I tried to post this yesterday, but something was acting wacky with Tumblr so I wasn’t able to…so here I go again. 

Sailing pictures-finally! I have been so crazy busy with church camp this week that I am just now getting to post them. 

Our trip was wonderful. We went to Grand Rivers, KY so that we could take sailing lessons on KY Lake at a place called Lighthouse Landing. We camped out at Canal Campground, which was only a couple of minutes of the road from where we sailed. There is not much to do in Grand Rivers, but we did it all!

Friday night we ate at a restaurant called Patti’s. They are FAMOUS for their porkchops and pie, so that is of course what we got. I think I gained about 5 pounds from just that one meal alone, but it was absolutely fabulous. 

Saturday was our sailing day! It was SO. COOL. We had a four hour private lesson, and then we had the boat to ourselves for the rest of the day. The morning was great-the wind was really up, which was perfect for learning during our lesson. We both felt confident after the lesson, and pretty comfortable by the end of the day. After lunch, the wind died down to pretty much nothing, so we motored out, anchored, and swam for awhile. Then the wind picked up just ever so slightly, so we were able to sail back across the lake to the dock to turn our boat in. We both enjoyed it so much-there is definitely sailing in our future. Hopefully the near future. 

Saturday night we went to Paducah to see Toy Story 3-it was so cute, and it totally almost made me cry. I don’t know if the pregnancy hormones were hitting or what, but it was touching :). 

Sunday we tried to antique on our way back, but the stores we wanted to go to didn’t open for 2 more hours, and some of them weren’t even going to open because it was Father’s Day. We did stop in at one more, but it was a dud. Oh well, we will definitely antique another day :). 

Josie was happy to see us, but she had a blast with her Grammy and Pappy-I’m not even sure she noticed we were gone :). 

Preggo update

6 weeks, 2 days today. I realized I hadn’t really mentioned about this pregnancy since I announced it. I am feeling pretty good. Already supposed to be watching my activity/lifting-no more jogging, no heaving lifting at all, and I need to be drinking about 80 ounces of water a day. I am trying to follow all the rules to a “T”-anything I can do to try and avoid bed rest is a plus. 

“Morning” sickness has kind of started-but I don’t get it in the morning, I get it around dinner time. And I don’t get sick, just kind of bleh feeling. So far, I have basically felt just like I felt with Josie-and I felt really good with her, so I would def. not balk at having another ride like the last one!

I will probably post a picture soon, since I do have a little “bump.” It is not that bad, and if you didn’t know me very well, you probably wouldn’t really notice it (or you would just think I am fat!) but I can definitely notice it. Some of my pants are starting to get a little snug, too. Not to the point of not wearing them, though. 

So that is it so far!

Guess who are the owners of…

a 2004 pop-up camper? We are! Yay! So excited. Andy, who has found almost ALL of our cars, boats, campers, etc. for us, came across another good deal that we could just not pass up. So we now have a camper for our big July trip-yay! Josie is SO excited-it is really not “our” camper, because she has claimed it all for herself. 

Oh, and I promise I am going to post the pictures of our sailing trip soon, I have just had a really busy two days with church camp and buying campers and grocery shopping and general busy-ness.