Random Thoughts

-Tomorrow is my last day at school with kids-hallelujah!

-Jake and Daddy were finally able to get the poles put in to start our barn on Saturday-first Saturday in 6 weeks it hasn’t rained! Tonight Jake and I put all the bottom bands on-yay! I will take pictures soon. 

-Josie REALLY loves bubbles right now. 

-I have seen 3 rainbows in a week-I think that is a record for me. 

-Josie’s hair is finally long enough to go in an actual pony tail now. 

-I called the doctor today to make Josie’s 2 year well check appointment and the first available time they had was AUGUST! Can you believe that? Craziness, pure craziness. Oh well, maybe someone will cancel so they can work me in. My doctor is really good about getting us in when Josie is sick, so I guess that is why he is so booked up on well-checks. Wonder if he has some kind of rule about how many well-checks he does a day??

-We are going camping on Friday-yippee! What a perfect way to end a crazy school year. 

  • I got Josie a stuffed bean-bag frog at Relay for Life, and she has named it Dog. Yes, Dog. I am not kidding. She said that immediately after I asked her what it’s name was. And she keeps calling it that, days after. 

On Saturday we went to a bridal luncheon for Lesa (Chad’s fiancee). It was really nice. They had a heated pool, so Josie got to swim. She wore the really cute bathing suit Mrs. Elaine made especially for her :). Thanks, Mrs. Elaine-it was perfect! She wasn’t too sure about the water at first, but then she really warmed up and even put her face in a couple of times. 

Friday night and Saturday was this year’s Relay for Life. It is something I love to participate in, because it is for such a wonderful cause. It was extra fun this year, because Josie got to go with me-she had so much fun! She walked the track with me for 2 hours on Friday night, and an hour and half Saturday morning-what a trooper! We didn’t stay all night Friday night, but we stayed long enough for me to get SOAKING wet! Josie stayed nice and dry in her awesome stroller :). And that stroller REALLY got a workout on Saturday morning, because the track was a total mudpit! 

Last night we went to watch our niece’s (Carley) softball game. It was so much fun-she plays on a 4-5-6 team and those games can be hilarious-and last night’s was. Josie had so much fun, too. She played with Abby (whom I just realized I didn’t get a picture of-mainly because she wasn’t still for even one second the whole entire time we were there!) most of the time, but then she just yelled and clapped when she finally realized where Carley was on the field. She really loves her cousins :). 

23 months old


In just one measly little month, you will be TWO YEARS OLD!! I cannot believe it-time has flown! You really are getting to be a big girl, but if we ask you, you say you are still a baby. And it is true, because you will always be my baby. 🙂 I never understood that saying until I had you-but now I will probably say it forever. 

This is what you have been up to this month:

-You went camping at Defeated Creek, and you played in the sand for really the first time (because before you thought it was too dirty. You fully embraced the sand, though, with your hop hop boots on. You also got very adventurous and climbed the play set all by yourself. You also loved fishing with your Pappy and throwing rocks with your Daddy. 

-You made a joke. In one of your books, there is a character called “Jeremiah Puddle-Duck.” Well, one day, you started saying “Grammy Puddle-Duck” and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. 

-You drank milk out of a big girl cup. (several times) ( A Crystal Oats cup, to be exact.)

-Mommy moved you to Size 5 diapers (Pampers Baby Dry) because you were getting to long for your other ones. 

-Mommy finally let you have some orange juice (watered down) in a big girl cup. You like it a lot, but it is not something you ask for all the time. You pretty much like to stick with milk and water. 

-You started saying “promise?” when I tell you something that you really want to do. I don’t know where you learned it. 

-And while we are talking about things you say, here are a few sentences/phrases you say right now: “Ready, go, fast!”, “Swat ‘em bees!”, “otay”, “no not” (this is my favorite), “Oh boy!”, “aw man!”, “yes maam”, “Right there or Right here.” (that is your Daddy’s favorite thing you say)

-You have learned how to count to 10 all by yourself-most of the time you leave out number 7, though :). 

-You call all semi trucks “trains.”

-You definitely know the color blue, most of the time pink, and sometimes white and green. 

-Mommy got to stay at home with you twice on May 3-4 because of all the flooding that happened in Nashville and all around us. We didn’t have any flood damage, though. The pond across the street got higher than we had ever seen it before-it got into Mr. Bracy’s barn. 

-We visited Mee-Maw at work, and went to play with Greyson. It was a really fun day!

-You told me “Happy Mother’s Day”

-You can say your whole name-you say “Josie Faith Finchin.” You still refer to yourself as Jo-Jo all the time though. 

-You hardly ever eat, but when you do your favorite foods are drinkable yogurt, Mexican rice and beans (you ask for this often), and the Gerber pasta meals. You also really like apple sauce. 

-One of your favorite things to do is to put on anybody’s shoes and walk around the house. You especially like shoes with heels and Mommy’s monkey slippers. 

-When we asked you what you wanted on your birthday cake, you told us frogs in mud. 

-You spent the night at Grammy and Pappy’s on our anniversary; it was only the third time you had ever spent the night away from us. You really liked it. 

-You love to be outside; rocks are one of your favorite toys (your Aunt Casey actually brought you back some cool rocks from Gatlinburg and play with them all the time); you really like to swing, and now you like big-girl swings, too. You also have gotten very brave on slides, and will zip down even big ones all by yourself. 

Baby girl, I love you, and I would keep you little, just like this, forever if I could-but watching you grow up is too much fun, too! 



Last night after the rain stopped, we went outside to plant some tomato plants Mrs. Kelly (thanks sweetie!!) had brought me. We love our raised garden, and plan on building another one this year, because we still want to plant pumpkins again. We are also going to plant some bell peppers in the same garden as the tomatoes. Raised gardens are REALLY easy to plant and take care of-they don’t get as weedy, and when they do, it is a cinch to just reach over and pull the weeds out-no getting on your knees, no tiller. Josie LOVES helping in the gardens, too. It is a wonderful family project :). 

Oh, and it was really not as dark as it looks in the pictures, I just forgot to bring my big flash out :P.