Josie has become brave, and has decided that she LOVES to slide. Yesterday she climbed up the steps on her slide all by herself, sat down, and would give herself a push, and slide down as fast as she could go. She did it over and over. I cannot BELIEVE how big she is getting! She is totally a little girl now-no baby even left at all. As soon as I get her out of diapers, the last little ounce of babiness will be all gone. And I am fairly certain that as soon as I get out of school, she will be potty trained really fast. Yesterday she told me she had to go potty in the middle of Walmart. (and no, I did not take her….I just didn’t even know how to deal with that one…ewww). She also wants us to change her diaper as soon as she is dirty :). 

Some of my favorite things she says right now:

“smack em bees!”


“take her up please”

Just because I have been a terrible blogger here lately, I thought I would post this sweet picture of Josie in the bath that I snapped today. 

Things with us are going good. Josie is officially in the “throwing fits” stage of being almost 2-she just gets easily frustrated when things are not going exactly her way. It is okay though-we are praying for patience, and dealing with it the best way we know how. 

Oh, and I promise I will be a much better blogger as soon as school is out! 🙂


-“Take her up” (what she says when she wants you to pick her up)

-“Take you” (when she wants to be passed to another person)

-“hey people! or look people! or bye people!” (or any other variation using “people”)

-“clean clean” (whenever she sees a mess)

-“mess! mess!”

-“bug a rug a rug a rug” (snug as a bug in a rug)

Saturday night Josie and I rode back into Hendersonville to go to my friend Alicia’s wedding. One word-gorgeous. She was gorgeous, the wedding was gorgeous, the cakes (made by my sister in laws!) were gorgeous-everything was just GORGEOUS. Then we came back to the campground and enjoyed the rest of our trip outside :). 

We had a BLAST on our camping trip. Josie is REALLY coming out of her shell-she actually got dirty this trip! She played in the sand, and even climbed and played on the playground equipment all by herself. I think being with so many other kids kind of helped loosen her up a little bit. She got to fish for the first time, we rode bikes, rode in the boat, and just had a LOT of  fun. The weather was also really beautiful.  A little cool, but really pretty. 

To be continued in the next post….

22 Months


You are 22 months old today!! In just 2 short months you will not be one anymore. I cannot believe you are almost 2 years old!

Here is what you have been up to this month:

-You added “Finding Nemo” to your movie repertoire

-You hunted Easter eggs-you actually had more fun just chasing the big kids than actually hunting the eggs!

-You had to go to the doctor because you had bug bites that turned into impetigo, and a rash caused by a viral infection. You were 25 pounds.

-One of your very favorite things to do right now is to wear Mommy’s shoes all around the house.

-You are ALWAYS asking about your Daddy when he is not here.

-You can count to 3, and to 10 with help.

-You LOVE to sing. When you are not talking, you are singing. Your favorite songs to sing are Deep and Wide, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and Baby Beluga.

-You learned “My God is so Big” at church, and you sang it on the way home all by yourself.

-You REALLY like to be outside-all the time.

-You talk all the time-full, complete sentences and paragraphs. Sometimes you leave out a few words, but you ALWAYS can get your point across.

-You learn new things every single day.

-We are going camping today, and you are SO very excited-you have been talking about it all week. When Daddy put the bikes in the truck, you were so excited, and wanted to ride right then.

-You have started (finally) taking long naps in the afternoon-yesterday you slept almost 3 ½ hours!!

-You love your Bible. You take it to bed with you every night, and lay in bed for a little bit and read it until you go to sleep.

-You still love watching Mommy cook.

-You love bubbles, and you can blow them all by yourself.

-This morning you asked to sit on the potty. You didn’t actually go, but asking is good!

-You are getting really tall. Or at least, you seem really tall now that you are wearing all your dresses without leggings-your legs go on for days!

-Bun Bun is still a very important companion.

-One of your favorite things to do is to put sticks in the birdbath. You love to play in any kind of water. You even don’t mind now when I have to rinse out your hair in the bathtub.

-You still love any kind of animal. You always tell me about the birds, and you are a cow-spotter when we are driving!

-Speaking of driving, you always narrarate whatever is going past the windows-very cute, but it means you are ALWAYS talking in the car :). The car is also your favorite place to sing.

I love you Josie girl-you are getting too big, too fast!


Countdown to camping:

1 day! Yay! Just put the laundry in so I can pack tonight, went to Kroger for diapers last night, check check. 

Last night at community group, the family that was hosting had just gotten a new six week old cocker spaniel puppy. Josie was ABSOLUTELY in love. She told us later in the car that the puppy’s name was Baby Beluga. (It was actually Daisy). She also said that she liked his ears. 

On another note, I thought I got a really precious video of Josie singing Itsy Bitsy Spider last night, where she said that the sun “drieded up the rain” but when I went to watch it, I realized I turned off the camera instead of on, so I only recorded what happened after the fact. Bummer.