Potty Training Day three…

was not great. Josie did not go to the potty even once. She sat on the potty A LOT, between Mom and I. Mom kept Josie while I went to school to catch up on some work. I took Josie to the potty every 15 minutes this morning, and then Mom kept it up while Josie was there. No success today. She sits there for a long time, but then she almost always goes right after she gets off. I am thinking, and Mom agreed, that she maybe is just not ready yet-her body just does not have that control down yet. Which is perfectly okay with me :)-she is not even 2 yet! I just thought it worth a good try-and we have given it a solid 3 days. I have some errands that HAVE to be run tomorrow, so tomorrow we are going to have to take a break. Unless she starts initiating on her own, we will probably take a break for now until I am out of school for the summer. I don’t want Nana to have to do all the hard potty training work when I go back to school on Monday. If she was showing more progress, I would be all for continuing, and I know Nana wouldn’t mind :). But since she isn’t, we will hit it again as soon as I am out of school for the summer-she still won’t be 2, but she will be close, and maybe a little more ready. We shall see! 🙂

Potty Training Day two…

is not going as well as day one. Josie has had  LOTS of accidents (I have already ran out of her panties). The problem is, she seems to be going like two minutes after I take her, or two minutes before I am going to take her. I am still taking her every 15 minutes. Anybody have any suggestions? I am definitely not giving up yet. If this is the trend for a few days, though, we may take a break and try again in a month or so. 

21 months old

I was so excited about potty training today, I almost forgot that you turned 21 months old today! So here’s what you have been up to this month:

-You started saying things are “funny.”

-You had your first milkshake with Mommy and Daddy (it was banana, just for the record)

-You had your first stomach bug-with your Daddy :(. It caused you to go on a week long eating strike-but you finally have your appetite back. 

-Our house got broken into. None of your stuff got taken, but some of Mommy’s jewelry that she wanted you to have did get taken. 

-Aunt Casey taught you “Baby Beluga” and you started singing it all by yourself.

-Mommy finally turned your carseat around so you could ride front-facing. You were scared of going around curves and down hills at first-you would say “hand, hand.” But now you are used to it, and you like it. 

-After church last week, you started singing “deep, wide” and doing hand motions,  so you must have learned “Deep and Wide” during Sunday School!

-You really like to sing. You can almost sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “No More Monkeys Jumpin on the Bed” all by yourself. 

-Your Granny passed away. You went to the funeral home for visitation and to the funeral, and you were really good. You made everyone smile. 

-Today, Mommy started potty training you. You are doing a great job! 

-You are obsessed with watching the movie “Up” on Mommy’s Ipod.

-You seem to be on an all carb/fruit diet at the moment…you don’t really eat many veggies just by themselves-but you do like them mixed in with pasta dishes. 

-You are super-attached to Bun-Bun again.

-You still love pizza, oranges, spaghetti, potato soup and yogurt. 

-You still get diaper rashes pretty easily-maybe you will be wearing panties soon, and that problem will be solved!

-You love to play with balls and babies.

-You really like fun words like squeaky, sneaky, snack, bubble, bummer, and grump.

-You are BOSSY, and really like things to be done your way (not that they always are, you would just like for them to be).

-You have suddenly started saying sentences and stringing words together A LOT. You are a great communicator-it is so cute. 

-You will hold our hands now during the prayer (instead of just folding your hands)

Your Daddy and I continue just to fall more and more in love with you, and get more and more attached to you every day-STILL. I don’t think we will ever stop falling more in love with you. 



So, 45 minutes into potty training…

day one, and I already have a funny story to tell!!! I started telling Josie last night that she was not going to wear a diaper today, she was going to wear big girl panties, and she kept telling me, “no, no biaper (diaper).” This morning, first thing, I took her to sit on th potty-she loves that, so that was no problem, but then she refused to let me put her panties on-she kept saying, “no, no, biaper.” So I was letting her run around the kitchen without anything on, and suddenly she started peeing, and some went on her play kitchen, and she said “OH NO, WATER!” Immediately she went to get her mop to try and clean it up, and I explained to her that it was not water, but pee-pee, and we cleaned it up together. And then she let me put her panties on without one fight. The end.