Our weekend has been great so far. Friday night Josie got to watch a little bit of “Finding Nemo” for the first time-she really liked it! Yesterday we did SO much! Jake started early at 7 in the morning and went and got a trencher to dig a trench from our house to the back of the property where our new barn is going to be (yay!). Then we made TWO trips to the landfill, one to take trash and cardboard and the other to haul off a humongous stack of wood with nails/chicken wire/metal that had previously made up the dog pen.  Jake and I were both pooped after that run! Josie loves anything resembling a bucket-she likes to climb into them-so she was in heaven when I emptied this (clean) trashcan (it only has office paper in it). She played in it all night! After lunch, Jake worked on filling in the trench and Josie and I went shopping :). We went to Lizards and Lace (what a dangerous store!) and I got Josie a new bracelet, since hers is too little now. Then I had a gift card to New York and Company from a VERY sweet friend (thanks Robin 🙂 ) so we headed over there. I am happy to say that I won’t be wearing the same Easter dress for the 4th year in a row-I had a very successful trip! I ended the day making bows-my new favorite hobby :). 

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