I am trying to do better about posting during the week, but as you can tell, I am failing miserably this week! School is a little crazy this week, because there are a million things happening, and I have about a million things to cram in before TCAP. So that means I am staying later than usual in the afternoons, which means I am later that usual picking up Josie, which means dinner is later usual, bath is later than usual, etc, etc. 

Anyways, this week has been a good one for Josie-Nana is back to keeping her every day but Mondays (which has always been Mom and Dad’s day)-yay :). She is having a great time, and getting more and more spoiled by the minute. Yesterday she visited her Great Uncle Jerry and Great Aunt Trucie and had a wonderful time-she even met one of her second (third?) cousins. 

Okay, gotta wrap it up, she just woke up :). Duty calls!

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