Josie and I had a very busy, but very fun day. We started the day bright and early so that I could make it to the Social Security Administration when they opened so I wouldn’t have such a long wait. Then we ran to Target, then to the consignment sale-½ off day! Casey met us there, and we got a LOT of great deals! Then Josie and I went to eat lunch with Jake at his work. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day we decided to walk down to Jack’s BBQ to eat (yum!) and then we walked up to see the Capitol building and walked back the long way :). Then we went inside and met some of Jake’s colleagues. Josie was playing with his Lincoln Logs, and decided to climb inside the can :). AFter we left, I had an errand to run in Hendersonville, so after that I decided to take Josie over to Kid’s Kingdom, an awesome playground. Josie LOVED watching the ducks (it is right on the lake). Playing on the playground-not so much. She didn’t do anything but watch the other kids (it was really crowded) and wipe the leaves off of some of the equipment. 

Tonight Jake and I went to see “Percy Jackson” and Josie stayed at her Mee-Maw’s for the very first time- I think she had a blast! 

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