Sunday I got to go to my friend Alicia’s bridal shower. It was a lot of fun, because I got to see a lot of my old high school friends that I don’t get to see very often. Josie had fun, too playing with Avery (Alicia’s niece)-they ran up and down the ramp (which Josie called a “hill”) about a million times :). 

Our weekend has been great so far. Friday night Josie got to watch a little bit of “Finding Nemo” for the first time-she really liked it! Yesterday we did SO much! Jake started early at 7 in the morning and went and got a trencher to dig a trench from our house to the back of the property where our new barn is going to be (yay!). Then we made TWO trips to the landfill, one to take trash and cardboard and the other to haul off a humongous stack of wood with nails/chicken wire/metal that had previously made up the dog pen.  Jake and I were both pooped after that run! Josie loves anything resembling a bucket-she likes to climb into them-so she was in heaven when I emptied this (clean) trashcan (it only has office paper in it). She played in it all night! After lunch, Jake worked on filling in the trench and Josie and I went shopping :). We went to Lizards and Lace (what a dangerous store!) and I got Josie a new bracelet, since hers is too little now. Then I had a gift card to New York and Company from a VERY sweet friend (thanks Robin 🙂 ) so we headed over there. I am happy to say that I won’t be wearing the same Easter dress for the 4th year in a row-I had a very successful trip! I ended the day making bows-my new favorite hobby :). 

2 years old!

My blog is officially two years old! I started as a way to keep from being bored to tears when I was on bed rest, but it has turned into SO much more than that. It is a journal, a stress relief, a scrapbook of our life, a baby book for Josie, a way to share cool stuff with family and friends. I really do love blogging-it is perfect for me. I can’t wait until the summer when I can get back to posting more frequently :). 


I am trying to do better about posting during the week, but as you can tell, I am failing miserably this week! School is a little crazy this week, because there are a million things happening, and I have about a million things to cram in before TCAP. So that means I am staying later than usual in the afternoons, which means I am later that usual picking up Josie, which means dinner is later usual, bath is later than usual, etc, etc. 

Anyways, this week has been a good one for Josie-Nana is back to keeping her every day but Mondays (which has always been Mom and Dad’s day)-yay :). She is having a great time, and getting more and more spoiled by the minute. Yesterday she visited her Great Uncle Jerry and Great Aunt Trucie and had a wonderful time-she even met one of her second (third?) cousins. 

Okay, gotta wrap it up, she just woke up :). Duty calls!

Josie was really sad today that she couldn’t play in her new playhouse because it was raining (Grammy and Pappy got it for her for Christmas, but they just brought it to our house yesterday so we could set it up outside), so Jake set up a tent for her in the living room :). She had so much fun; she just played and played, and even took her nap in there! What a great Daddy-he saved the day! 

Josie and I had a very busy, but very fun day. We started the day bright and early so that I could make it to the Social Security Administration when they opened so I wouldn’t have such a long wait. Then we ran to Target, then to the consignment sale-½ off day! Casey met us there, and we got a LOT of great deals! Then Josie and I went to eat lunch with Jake at his work. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day we decided to walk down to Jack’s BBQ to eat (yum!) and then we walked up to see the Capitol building and walked back the long way :). Then we went inside and met some of Jake’s colleagues. Josie was playing with his Lincoln Logs, and decided to climb inside the can :). AFter we left, I had an errand to run in Hendersonville, so after that I decided to take Josie over to Kid’s Kingdom, an awesome playground. Josie LOVED watching the ducks (it is right on the lake). Playing on the playground-not so much. She didn’t do anything but watch the other kids (it was really crowded) and wipe the leaves off of some of the equipment. 

Tonight Jake and I went to see “Percy Jackson” and Josie stayed at her Mee-Maw’s for the very first time- I think she had a blast!