Finally eating!

So Josie is finally eating for the first time in 3 days-yay! We just went to Kroger to get Jake some Sprite and Gatorade, and I let her pick out some food to eat. She picked Baby Goldfish and some drinkable yogurt. We just got home, and she is sitting here eating more than she has eaten in the past 2 days put together :). Glad my baby girl finally feels better!


So apparently Josie did have some kind of little bug….because now Jake has it. His is worse, though, but I am totally not going to go into details!

Hopefully I can avoid it, and things will go back to normal around here!

Oh, and I think I am going to stop changing out all the linens on our bed all at once-every time I do that, one of us gets sick, and I just have to wash everything all over again! Happened last time, and yesterday, of course, I put all fresh sheets and blankets on the bed, and even commented on how good it felt before we went to sleep….bleh.

Sick baby girl

Well, I have a sick little girl…Although I think she is on the mend. She woke up just fine yesterday, but then she kind of deteriorated throughout the day. She wouldn’t eat anything, she was whiny and kind of “off.” Her bottom looks horrible because she has some very runny diapers. Yesterday evening she woke up from her nap with a fever, but she doesn’t have one this morning. I could see in the back of her mouth last night, though and her back gums are totally white a swollen…so I am wondering if all these symptoms could just be molar related?


It has been a crazy week. This has been our first full week back at school since BEFORE CHRISTMAS. So it has also been a long week!

So, to get caught up, I am just going to a list-type post:

-this weekend was GORGEOUS. Josie couldn’t believe she could go outside without a jacket-she kept asking for it.

-I did a great one year old photo shoot on Saturday for one of my very best friends. It was AWESOME. She was pro, and I really got to have some fun with my new photo editing program.

-Josie has been having a lot of fun staying with Mrs. Becca and Greyson. She even naps great there-she slept for 2 hours today!

-She also seems to be going through some kind of stage….lots of fits, and tonight she wouldn’t let me leave her at class during church….I guess it’s called the terrible twos?

Simple Pleasures

I am learning to enjoy the small, simple pleasures in life all over again now that I have child, and can see the world through her eyes. Last night, Josie, Jake and I went to Home Depot, then went through the drive through at Steak and Shake to get milkshakes. We parked in the parking lot, and I got Josie out of her seat and let her sit on the console between Jake and I to drink her milkshake. (I think this was her first milkshake). She had a BLAST. She thought she was big stuff getting to sit up front with us for a little while, and Jake let her “drive drive.” She loved having her own little milkshake (part of mine in a kid’s cup) to herself, and we just had SO much fun. It’s the small things in life.

20 months old

Josie, you are 20 months old today! Woa! In what seems like just an instance, you went from being a tiny baby to this walking, talking kid.

Here is what you have been up to this month:

-You wore training pants for the first time. You peed in them and did NOT like them. You also have peed in your little potty, and you pooped in the potty at Grammy’s. We are not officially potty training yet, but Mommy lets you sit on your little potty whenever you ask, which is at least once a day.

-You had a checkup appointment for Dr. Cate to look at your tubes- all is great!

-You stayed with Mrs. Becca and Greyson for the first time-you did great! Mrs. Becca painted your nails pink and you loved it-you said “pretty” “paint.”

-You took your first two showers with Mommy-you liked it the first time, but you did NOT like it the second time.

-You are loving your Daddy more and more with each day-you always want him to wash your face and hands after a meal, you like Daddy to give you a bath the best, and sometimes you even make him change your diaper and put your pjs on.

-You started saying “love you” without being prompted. So far you have said it to Mommy, Daddy, Grammy and Bun-Bun.

-You have seen a TON of snow this month-one time you even got to play in SIX INCHES of snow! Mommy has also gotten stay home with you a LOT of days.

-On some of the snow days, you helped Mommy “paint” the bathroom-you are great at pretending-you used a toilet paper roll as your paint can, and pretended to paint everything in sight.

-You are stringing more and more words together like “cup stuck” and “itsy bitsy” and “Jo Jo eat eat” and “ready, set, go!”

-In fact, you said your first complete sentence, with every word in the right place- “I love you, too.” (to Mommy)

-Your FAVORITE thing to say right now is “and milk.” You add those words to the end of everything. You will babble for a full minute and then say “and milk.”

-Other words you like to say are: pick up, table, people, otter, rabbit, elephant, spoon, powder, baby, spider….and the list could go on and on!

-You got another tooth-top right canine

-You spent a whole day with Shshr-and she spoiled you rotten!! You rode the carousel at the mall twice, ate pizza, got a whole new outfit and new Converse shoes, and got a dog balloon that was bigger than you :).

-You went to Greyson’s birthday party and rode a cow train and jumped in the bounce house.

-Mommy and Daddy took you to the Chattanooga Aquarium on Valentine’s Day and you LOVED IT!! Your favorite things were the turtles, the otters, the penguins, and a duck.

-Your favorite songs this month are: The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

-One of your favorite things to do still is to help Mommy cook.

-You also really like to change your babies’ diapers and put “power” (powder) on them.

-You definitely know these shapes: circle (this is your favorite one), heart, star

-You know these colors most of the time: white, pink, and sometimes green

-Your favorite food right now is probably potato soup.

-You fell down the stairs at Mee-Maw’s house 🙁 but you were okay-just a small bump on your head.

You are changing so much everyday-you are definitely not a baby anymore! You are loving, sweet, funny, and you can be hyper-but you are good. Your talking gets clearer by the day-and you NEVER stop talking! But, you will always be my baby girl. Love you.