I know, I know, another cheesy post about what I am thankful for. But seriously, I am realizing I in NO WAY can truly ever be thankful enough for all the things that God has blessed me with. My human mind cannot wrap itself around the awesomeness that is God and what He has done for me and provided for me. I pray that I will not take my blessing for granted, but how can I not? I cannot even grasp how MUCH I have been blessed, so of course I am going to take those things for granted. But for now, in my own very small way, I can at least acknowledge some of the things I am thankful for:

-My God



-a wonderful, loving family

-a wonderful church home where we are learning and growing SO much!

-a house to live in

-clothes to wear

-food to eat


-jobs to go to everyday



-SO many material blessing that we could definitely live without, but that we still have

-a place to go on this wonderful Thanksgiving Day

-the opportunity to be a parent

What are you thankful for today?

Good mood

Josie was in an especially good mood last night. Which meant she was also especially hyper. I have learned that, here lately, a good mood for Josie also means more disciplining-she “tests the waters” a lot more, trying to see what she can get away with. We have definitely entered toddlerdom-learning new things everyday, getting into more and more stuff, having to say “no” a LOT more. This morning she got my dishwashing liquid while I was cleaning up the kitchen. She spilled some on the floor, and before I realized what she was doing, she had went and gotten one of her wash rags out of her cabinet, said “towel” and started cleaning up her mess! 🙂 THAT I am NOT complaining about-cleaning up her own mess? Awesome.

17 months old


Today you are 17 month old-just one month shy of me being able to say “a year and a half.” Time has flown.

Here is what you have been up to in the last month:

-You say a snake says “hsss”

-You spotted a bee in the yard and said “bee”-without us even saying anything at all

-You said “love you” back to Mommy when I said “I love you Josie”

-You do the splits on command

-You, of course, have learned all kinds of new words, and I haven’t even written them all down, because it is too many to keep up with; but here are some-scarecrow, Hondo, lap (when you want in our laps), stuck, trick-or-treat, ope (open), jacket (this is the most clear word you say other than mama), blanket, “pick up”, doctor

-You carved your first pumpkin, and went trick-or-treating as a flower with a tutu-you were VERY proud of your costume and your basket! You even said “trick treat”

-You went to your first fall festival at Mommy’s school, and we had to drag you away from the fish pond and the duck pond-we had to tell all the fishies and ducks “night night”

-You love to say no to lots and lots of questions

-When we ask you a question you want to think about, you tap your chin with your finger and say “uummm…”

-You sing along with anyone who sings “God is so Good”-You sing gooood and mmeee

-You do the motions to the songs “Only a Little Boy David” and “Little Caterpillar”-you really love singing songs right now

-You fill in the words to the puppy book and the Bert and Ernie books at Grammy and Pappy’s house.

-Brown Bear is still your favorite book at our house…but First Words is still a close second

-You had a play date with Caroline Reasoner….I think you liked it. We also helped Mr. Bob and Mrs. Shane move, and you played with Liam all day long.

-You are beginning to get a respectful fear for dogs-you love them, but you don’t want them to come really close…although you did pet Bumble on Halloween (Mrs. Diane’s dog)

-You still give your Daddy the best kisses

-You are beginning to go through a bit of separation anxiety stage…not just with Mommy, and Daddy, but anyone who happens to be leaving your vicinity

-You still go to bed SO GOOD, but you are beginning to try to stall bed time sometimes…but then you lay right down and go to sleep when I put you in your bed.

-You love to check the mail

-You are really beginning to like to play with babies, and you recently fell in love with your Glow Worm

-Your favorite thing to do is to sort “snacks” from one cup to another

We love you so much, baby girl, and every day our love just grows stronger and deeper.


What a week! Between car duty, meetings (plural) at school, having to make lots of phone calls to parents, BOTH of our cars having to go to the shop, and various other things, we had a very BUSY  and hectic week around here. Luckily, today we got to stay home and catch up. It was MUCH needed. Jake and I have both talked about ways to slow down our schedule, get more time at home. We are both very tired of always arriving home after dark, almost at bedtime. We are working on it, and I think things are going to improve… I definitely need to work on saying that little word “no” that I have never been good at saying! So today we had a nice, relaxing, productive day at home. I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it was so nice to be able to just take things at our own pace, not have a schedule, and get some things done at the house that have been needing to be done. Josie had a lot of fun “helping”, too! She “helped” Jake rake leaves, check the mail, helped me feed Percy, dust, put up laundry, and vacuum. She always loves to help, and she is acting like such a big girl here lately. She hardly even looks or acts like a baby anymore! I guess “time flies when you’re having fun” is NOT just a saying…because it has definitely been true for our little squirt monster.