Fall Festival

Tonight was our school’s fall festival-what a crazy, but fun, night. I had to work at a game, but Josie came with me, too, and Ta helped me watch her, and watched my game some so I could take her around to all the games. (Thanks, Ta!!). This was Josie’s second fall festival, but the first one where she really understood that anything was going on. Her favorite game BY FAR was the duck pond, where you pick up the ducks and see what number you’ve picked to win a prize. Josie didn’t care about the prize, though-she just liked picking the ducks up! We kept having to back to “check” on them, and she even had to tell them “night night.” She also played the cake walk, the bean bag toss, and the fish pond (which she also REALLY liked-she had to tell the fish “night night,” too).

After we had cleaned up for the night, Josie and I got in my car to go home, and my car wouldn’t start, because the battery was dead. So we went back inside (the auction was still going on), and I called Jake to pick us up. So he came, and he called me to tell me he was in the parking lot, but also that he was in my car, which was running just fine! Go figure :). He didn’t mind though-we think my car is possessed :).

Pumpkin carving

Last night we decided to carve Josie’s first pumpkin. Out of all the pumpkins we got from our garden, one was the perfect Jack-o-Lantern size, so that is the one we picked. Jake cut the top off, and Josie was SO excited watching him. She helped me get the “guts” out, which she loved. She loved putting the seeds in the bag. She did not really love the seeds getting stuck to her fingers, though. She watched me draw the face, and pointed out the eyes, nose and mouth. I did, of course, cut my finger while I was cutting out the face, so Jake finished that. We took it outside to light it up, and Josie thought that was the coolest thing ever. Before bedtime, I read her “The Pumpkin Parable.” I have heard this told in several ways, but basically it is just comparing carving a pumpkin to how God takes the sin out of us and place His light inside of us. I plan on teaching Josie this year, every time we carve pumpkins. I think you can make Halloween anything you want it to be. It can be an evil holiday if you make it that, or it can just be a really fun day where kids get to dress up in costumes to show their family and friends. And, as an added plus, you can teach them a really cool story about how God can take their sin away. This is definitely how we will celebrate Halloween with Josie-as a really cool family celebration.

The second part of the trip…

So, I have already told you about the first part of our fall break trip. For the second half of the trip, we rented a cabin at Standing Stone State Park with Jake’s family. Every year, we rent a cabin at a different state park. This year it was really convenient for us, because it was only 15 minutes up the road from the dam!

We had a full cabin this year. It was Jake, Josie, me, Mama Judy, Liz and her girls, and Katie and Andrew. The cabin was nice, though-beds for everyone. It had a big living area, which was good, because we ended up spending  A LOT of time in the cabin since it turned out to be freezing and rainy. Even with the cold and the rain, we still had a lot of fun. Luckily, they had a rec hall where you could play ping pong, corn hole, badminton, and fuze ball-we spent a lot of time up there. We went over to the dam one day so the kids could ride bikes and see the fish hatchery. Josie was eating up getting to go to the fish hatchery 3 times in one week. This time, as soon as she saw the gates, she started saying “fishy” and making her swimming motions. Another day we went to Cedar Hill ramp over by the dam and walked around the island. The kids had a blast exploring the caves that were there. We all got soaked before we got back, but I don’t think anyone minded :).

On Saturday I took pictures of all the grandkids so that Mama Judy could update her picture frames. I will be posting those soon! I am so behind in my picture posting!

So, I know I have still not posted about the second part of our trip, but I took Chad (my brother) and Lesa’s engagement pictures today, and I couldn’t help but post some. They did so great- it was so much fun, and I think this is the first time I have actually gotten pictures of my brother smiling! So, I took like 400 pictures, so this is just a few of my faves 🙂