First Football game

Friday night, Josie and I went to tailgating at my aunt Ta’s house for the Greenbrier Homecoming game. I don’t usually go, but I thought it would be fun to go and hang out for awhile. I took Josie over to watch the game, and the band for a little bit, and realized it was her first football game. Β She liked watching the boys run, she really like the band-she tried to direct them, she DID NOT like the Bobcat mascot-he came to say hi, and she started patting me really hard-never cried, but was a little freaked out. We never set down for any length of time, but I think she enjoyed it :). And of course, she had to wear her Bobcat dress that Kathy Slate made her for the occasion..

Oh, and see the above rule for what she did yesterday when were outside….

New bed!

I feel like such a grown up now. Jake and I got a queen sized bed today! Yay! Our mattresses had about had it, so we went and got a foam mattress, and decided to upgrade to a queen while we were at it. The bed is a lot lower than the old one, but it sure does feel better! While we were at it, we got new pillows, and since our old bed was a full, we got new sheets, too. So we have a brand new, fresh bed for tonight!