Crazy Weekend

Well, we had a very crazy weekend. Thursday we headed up to Dale Hollow to spend the weekend with Nana so we could bring her camper back on Sunday. Josie had been having on and off fever all week long, but she was already on antibiotic for her ear, so I thought it was just because of that. Before we left, though, she seemed like she was feeling better, and she had no fever. Thursday night, her fever went up to 102-Friday morning-nothing. Friday night- 103-which I think is the highest it’s ever been. So I called the doctor on Saturday morning, just to see what to do. The nurse told us that the doctor on call wanted to go ahead and see us (even though we were a 2 ½ hour drive away). So we load up in the car and hurry to get there before they close. When we get there, the doctor right away says that her fevers are a reaction to the MMR shot she got at her one year well check. She said the nurses in the back realized that right away, and the nurse that I talked to on the phone should have known that, too (aka, we really didn’t have to drive all the way back). She did, however, check Josie’s ear again, said it looked awful, and changed her antibiotic since the one she was on didn’t seem to be working-so our trip wasn’t a complete bust. We did try to look on the positive side, though-Josie’s fevers were not something serious, her ear is feeling somewhat better on the new antibiotic, we got to spend a lot of time together, we stopped at some awesome outlet malls in Lebanon, and Josie got two really good naps there and back.

We did get to go out on the lake on Friday, and when we got back on Saturday, and before we left on Sunday…so I do, of course, have some cute pictures to share!

Oh-and just some cute updates-

Josie now….

can feed herself mashed potatoes with a spoon

is using a plate without throwing it off the tray

is putting her hands up by her head and shrugging when she doesn’t know something

can point to head, nose, eyes (just not her own-everyone else’s)

Has her surgery tomorrow for ear tubes-which we are very grateful for-she has been one miserable little girl here lately.

My daughter the mountain goat

Now that Josie can walk, she has also decided she can climb….everything. She started with the rocking chair….now she has climbed: our stairs, the couch and the coffee table (tried, anyway), her glider, our step stool…multiple times, with me on it, the steps on her slide (with assistance), and a kitchen chair.

She has not actually got on top of all those things, but she has a least tried. Our lives as we once knew them, are over.

We are leaving for the lake this afternoon, so we will be gone all weekend….so look forward to pictures on Monday!

Feeling better….sort of

Well, yesterday Jake and I felt a lot better…not 100%, but better. We were at least able to eat again! Josie, however, did not-she did NOT catch our stomach bug, but she woke up with ANOTHER ear infection-that is 7 since January. Luckily, we already had her ENT appointment scheduled for yesterday morning, so we just went ahead to it. The doctor went ahead and gave us a VERY strong antibiotic, and we scheduled her tube surgery for next Wednesday morning-so please say some prayers for everything to go smoothly then! I am very glad she is getting tubes, because I am so tired of her not feeling good-it’s too pitiful.