Little Girl

So, yesterday I was holding my sweet baby, giving her a bottle, and I realized she didn’t smell like my sweet baby. She smelled like a little girl-like dirt and sweat and lunch and sweetness, all rolled into one. She is getting so big, and it made me sad and happy when I realized it. Sad, because I know I will miss having a sweet baby girl, and getting to do all the baby stuff, and she will never be a baby again. Happy, because I know we are about to enter into an incredible journey with this wonderful little girl, we will get to discover her personality, her looks, and we will get to teach her all kinds of wonderful, fun, new things. How fun will that be :)?

Another funny story-yesterday, Josie played in the grass (hence the dirt and sweat smell) while Jake and I loaded wood from the massive maple tree he had cut down, into the truck. While we were picking up the wood off the ground, we kept discovering baby field mice! Alive! They wouldn’t move until we poked them, then they would scurry away, looking for new homes. I really hope those new homes are NOT in my house!

9 Month Stats

Josie had her 9 month check-up yesterday. Here are the stats:

Weight- 18 lbs 3 oz (35 percentile)

Height- 27 ½ inches (44 percentile)

Head Circumference- 17 ¼ inches (43 percentile)

She is definitely a growing girl! Dr. Eidson also said that she can start having things with milk in them, like cheese and yogurt, and we will just see how she does. She tried some cheese last night and LOVED it-and so far, no reaction-yay! At 11 months, we will start replacing her bottles with a cup of whole milk-if she has a reaction then, we will switch to soy milk. Hopefully she will have completely outgrown her allergy by then. She did not have get any shots, just a skin test and a finger prick for lead testing. She was very brave, and didn’t even cry!