New Things

Josie is learning so many new things all of a sudden! First, she learned to say Mama, and now she says it ALL day long (which I have to admit, I love). Then, Saturday night, she was holding onto the coffee table (which she didn’t pull up on, I just stood her there) and she walked to the end of it! I am not sure she meant to, but she did. Then yesterday at Mom and Dad’s, she walked halfway around her crib-from on side to the other, then turned the corner! I think she is determined to walk before she crawls.┬á


Wheww….we have had a very busy week around here! Just lots of stuff to do this week at home and school. We have had some important events, though. On Tuesday Josie got to meet her new cousin, Jonah. My cousin Amanda just had Jonah 3 weeks ago. He is precious! Yesterday, my best friend Robin had her 2nd baby girl, Madelynn Paige-yay! I can’t wait to meet her! The most exciting thing (for me) is that Josie has learned to say Ma ma!! She has been working on it all week, and I decided to finally “count” it and put it on her calendar yesterday, because she finally said it clearly, with no other sounds. And then tonight she said it all night long! I have to admit, I LOVE ┬áhearing her say it :).

I had to take Josie to the doctor today, because I was afraid she was getting another ear infection. She was up 8-12 times last night, and then she had all the same symptoms today as last ear infection. Luckily, no ear infection, just a red throat. Yay! (well, not for the sore throat, but for the no ear infections ).