Cleaning out

Well, yesterday Jake and I cleaned out our ENTIRE house. This is our December traditio. We both always get into the “purging” mood after Christmas. We have a humongous pile of stuff to go to Goodwill, and a humongous pile of stuff to go to the dump. Our house was not trashy or junky to begin with, but it is amazing the stuff you find when you start cleaning out closets. We also discovered a couple of boxes of stuff from when we moved that were never unpacked-it was mostly stuff to be trashed, though. We both feel so much better now that our house is purged.¬†


My little, baby girl who is still supposed to be a LITTLE ¬†baby said “Da” last night. 3 times. Now, I know she doesn’t know what it means, or even that she is saying something, but it is still a major stepping stone to her TALKING which means she won’t be an INFANT anymore. I can’t believe how big she is getting. Everyone always told me it would go fast, but MAN I didn’t think it would go this fast!