Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everybody!

I always have mixed feelings about Halloween. I think it is fun, but it always makes me kind of sad, because it means it is the end of October, and October is my favorite month. 

Josie went to her first Fall festival last night at our church. I had to take pictures, so Mom went with us and watched her. Josie wore her giraffe costume-it was so cute! She kept growling, too, so she was like the growling giraffe. Good news, she only got up once last night. I kept her up later again, and I didn’t feed her cereal again. I think we are going to def. stop cereal at bedtime for awhile, because that seems to have worked the past two night. 


Okay, I took some of your suggestions. Josie slept through the night-yay for uninterrupted sleep-but I don’t think it was anything I did. So now I am confused. She did stay awake longer last night, because everyone was at our house for the Bible study (which went well). She had a bottle before bed, but she didn’t eat any cereal because by the time everyone left, she was too sleepy to feed it to her. So I don’t know what worked. I think tonight I am going to try giving her cereal around the time we eat cereal, instead of right before bed, and then just giving her a bottle before bed, and see if that works. So here’s for hoping! 

Thanks so much everyone, for all of your helpful suggestions!

Any suggestions?

Okay, does anyone have ANY suggestions for getting Josie to sleep? Since we started cereal, she has slept through the night ONCE. Since then, back to up 3 times a night. I am getting tired. Also, can you pray for me? I am having a really hard time this week leaving Josie-this week has been much harder than last week. I’m not sure why….but it’s not fun. Sorry for the short post, but I need to go finish getting ready for school…but I will leave you with a picture or two :). 

A new week

Well, all in all, I think my first week back at school went really well. My kids seem to like me, I like them, and I didn’t do any major damage in the first week. I even jumped back into the whole school routine pretty good. Lesson plans for this upcoming week are done, copies are made, and I even graded some papers this weekend. On the home front, my house is not destroyed, and we have eaten all of our meals. So, the basics are taken care of. I even took a much needed nap today :). This week is a new week, so we will see how it goes. 

Josie update: We took her to the GI specialist for her checkup on Friday. She got a really good report-she does not have to go back unless she has a relapse, and we can start milk on her first birthday and see how she does. Also, she is getting cuter and cuter by the minute. 

Oh, by the way, if you tried to watch the “giggling” video and it was locked, try again now-I unlocked it-I didn’t realize I had locked it!