So, I just had to share a cute new occurrence (pictured above 🙂 ). We always sit Josie in her high chair to play while we are eating, because she loves to watch us. We were just eating lunch, and she just fell asleep while she was playing! It was the cutest thing. Maybe I need to put her in there more often…..

Good weekend

Well, we had a good weekend. I got to see my Uncle Andy, Aunt Christie, and all their kids and got to take some really cute pics (I will post a few later). The squirt is still spitting up a ton, but she is also giggling more, which is really cute. She laughed out loud during church on Sunday night! (at mom-she always laughs for mom). She is loving her new grunting sound she can do-she does it all the time, especially when she is mad. Well, that’s it for now…I have a grunting baby!


Today Mom and I made Josie some new bows to wear :). It was a lot of fun, and now she has something cute to wear with all of her clothes. I will have to post a picture soon :). 

She has been doing great with sleeping her crib. I put her in there, turn on her Rainforest soother, and she is good to go until morning :). This morning she slept until 6:00, then went back to sleep for another hour and half. She is smiling a LOT now, and laughing sometimes. She loves to be standing and sitting up, but she is still not interested in rolling at all. Well, crying baby, gotta go! 


Well..I did it…I finally got up enough nerve to cut Josie’s fingernails. Up to this point, I have just been biting them, but they are getting too thick to do that. So I decided to cut them. All was going well until I got the thumb-I cut a piece of her skin, too! I felt like the worst mommy in the whole world. It bled and bled, and I had to put a Band-aid on it. (her first Band-aid put on by me, by the way). However…I don’t think she even noticed-in fact, she was smiling through the whole thing…I was just upset. So eventful for me, very uneventful for her. 🙂

Bible Study

We had another successful Bible study tonight-James 3 (taming the tongue). We had a total of 13 adults, 2 babies, and some very interesting conversations. However, we kept getting off onto tangents, so we will have to refrain a little from that next week. All in all, though, I am really enjoying our studies. It really helps to have mid-week “refresher.” I have really missed that.