Okay, well I have to brag once again that I have the best husband ever. He is so sweet and helpful. Ever since Josie was born (and of course when I was on bed rest) he has just taken over the job of cooking supper, or at least getting it started. I have never asked him to do this, he just has because he’s sweet. Well, this week he has cooked me 3 wonderful suppers, Monday he helped me clean the house (it was completely out of control after coming back from camping and going right into a thousand doctor’s appointments), Tuesday he mowed the yard (and cooked supper) and yesterday he brought me home flowers :). What more could a girl want?

More updates…

Today was a another very long day at the doctor’s. Today Jake, Josie, and I met with the GI specialist, Dr. Gillis and Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. Now that Josie has gained weight, we are focusing on the other 2 problems: what made her spit up blood, and why her liver enzymes were elevated. So today they did more blood work (so sad!, but this time Jake held her instead of me), another urine test (took forever-we had to wait for her to pee in a bag), and some infection tests (swabs in her mouth, nose and bum).  We will find out results of all those tests tomorrow. 

The bad news is, in 2 weeks, Josie will have an outpatient procedure at the hospital :(. She is going to have a scope down her throat, so she will have to be put to sleep for that. The putting to sleep part is what Jake and I are so scared about. The procedure itself is only 15 minutes long. Please pray that everything goes okay and Josie wakes up like she is supposed to. Oh yeah, the scope is to check for an ulcer or anything else that could have made her throw up blood. 

She also got her first prescription today-Zantac for reflux, because she has been spitting up A LOT. 

Great news!!!!

Josie is now 7lbs, 5 oz- she gained 5 oz!!! Thank you so much for all your prayers-they worked!! We still go to the specialist tomorrow, just to make sure everything is okay, but “failure to thrive” is not an issue anymore. Also, I can stop pumping and supplementing-he told me just to nurse, and then she goes back next week to recheck her weight. If she is still gaining, we are good to go for just nursing. I hope that is the case, because nursing is so much easier than pumping. Well, I wil update some more after tomorrow, but right now, we are praising God and rejoicing :).


Tomorrow is our appointment to see if Josie has gained weight since we have been supplementing with formula. Please pray that she has! If she has gained weight, then lots of scary things will be ruled out, and she will not have to have as many tests. We really hope that happens. Thank you to everyone who has been praying. 


Well, I was going to post this yesterday, but time just got away from me. I think I was officially initiated into motherhood. Yesterday morning was great. I got up, fed the squirt, put her back to sleep in her bassinet, and then went to pump. I finished pumping, got in the shower, dried my hair, got dressed, ate breakfast, made the bed, and the squirt was still asleep. I was actually completely ready to go to church at 8:40 (we leave at 9:00), so I had plenty of time to get Josie out of bed and get her ready. So I got her up, took her into the bathroom to wash her face, and then it happened-she spit up ALL over herself and me. The outfit could not be salvaged. I was just glad I hadn’t got her dressed yet! We (Josie and I) both have a limited amount of things that fit us right now. So I had to go find another outfit….ahhh…the joys of motherhood :). (and, for those who were wondering, we left for church right on time).