2 weeks old

Our little squirt is 2 weeks old! I can hardly believe it. Jake and I were talking last night, and it seems like FOREVER ago when we were heading to the hospital, ready to be induced. Now she is here, and it seems like she has been in our lives forever. We are so happy and blessed to have her. She is so sweet. She is getting bigger-I wish she would stay little forever, but I am looking forward to seeing what she is going to look like, what her likes and dislikes will be, and what her personality will be like. We are already getting little glimpses of her personality-she hates to have a dirty/wet diaper, she loves to stretch, and she really likes looking at the verse mom painted that hangs above her changing table. But we still have so much more to find out! I know we will have such a good time learning everything about her :). 

Big Weekend

Josie had a big weekend. Friday night she went to her first ball game. Chad and Casey had a church league softball game. We decided it would be okay to go to, because not a lot of people are there, and we were outside. She liked it-she slept the whole time. 

Saturday she stayed all by herself with her Daddy for the first time. Mom and I went to Katie’s baby shower, and Jake kept Josie at Mom and Dad’s house. He did a really good job. She got upset, but only because she was hungry. 

Today we went on our first walk together. We all went to Travis Price Park. It was really fun. Josie really liked her stroller. We are hoping tonight that she is not up until 2:00, which has been her current trend. 

Vacuum Cleaner

Today I found out that Josie is NOT afraid of the vacuum cleaner. I vacuumed the whole house today, and she just snoozed right through. I am finally getting back to normal. I am learning to do things with baby in tow, or baby in her swing. Today I vacuumed, cleaned out the fridge, and did laundry. I was glad to be able to get some things done, because it made me feel my old self again. I liked being pregnant, but I am VERY glad to not be pregnant anymore. I much prefer just having the baby outside of my body :).