37 weeks

I have had a really busy two days! I have been at a two day inservice at Springfield Methodist Church. I have to say, it was the best inservice I have ever been too-very helpful and informative, and the speaker was wonderful. After the inservice yesterday, Casey and I went to get our toe nails painted! It was so much fun-I had never had my toe nails (or my finger nails, for that matter) professionally painted-check out the picture above!

Oh, that reminds me-I finally posted pictures from our camping trip down below. I had a ton more good ones, I just picked out some of my favorites.

Today I had my 37 week doctor’s appointment-good news, I am officially home free-Josie can come whenever she feels like it! Yay! In fact, the doctor checked me, and I am officially 1 centimeter dilated. Jake and I are hoping she will come on a Friday, so that he won’t have to use so many of his days while I’m in the hospital. So send good labor vibes to me on Fridays! 🙂