Shutting Down

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything in this space. That was a deliberate decision. I’ve blogged here since before Josie was born. And now I’m done. I’m making this decision for many reasons. One, my kids are getting older and I’m getting more careful about what I share about them, out of respect to them. Two, the blog was getting more stressful to me to keep up than helpful. And I never started it as a way to be stressed. I started it as a way to share these little details of my family with people that wanted to see it, and to keep a record for myself. There are a few more reasons, too, but those are the ones I’m sharing here.

So-thank you-to everyone who has followed me in this space, and goodbye! If you want to keep up with us, you can find me on Instagram/Facebook, where I still share some small tidbits from time to time.


To start the festivities, Josie decided we needed to go to Smiley’s, because we hadn’t bought any “real” pumpkins this year (we have several cool metal ones, but not good enough for her, LOL). So we obliged.

Halloween is Josie’s favorite holiday for sure. She plans her costumes months in advance. Jack likes it, too, but is not as “into it” as Jo.

This year Josie decided to be Tonks, one of her favorite Harry Potter characters.
Here was her “inspiration” pic:

She had most of this costume in her wardrobe, so all we did was find a coat at Goodwill and buy some pink hair spray. Her whole costume came to a grand total of $6. That’s my kind of costume!

And here is how it turned out (she was stoked!):

Jack went through a couple of ideas before he landed on who he was going to be: Jonesy, his favorite character from Fortnight, a video game he loves to play. Here was his “inspiration” pic:

He, too, had most of his costume in his current wardrobe. All we did was buy a $3 green shirt at Goodwill and cut the sleeves off. Another score!

I love these two silly goofballs-

We did our normal Halloween thing- walked over to our sweet neighbors’ house (they gave our kiddos FULL SIZED Hershey bars this year!), and then visited a few houses before ending the night at Grammy and Pappy’s for a fire and a chili and hot dogs and playtime with the cousins. They ended the night full and happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

Love making these memories with these kiddos.


Josie has been wanting to get her ears pierced forever, but just couldn’t get up enough courage to do it. She just knew it was going to hurt SO badly, even though a million people told her otherwise. So Jake and I decided we were tired of hearing her talk about it, and gave her an ultimatum: either do it tonight, or stop talking about it. ๐Ÿ™‚ So with some (lots) of nudges of encouragement from us, she screwed up her courage, and got it done! And she was SOOOOO happy and proud afterwards! She can’t wait to wear the dangly feathers and hoops that we picked out for her after she got them pierced. Proud of our girl for conquering her fear and being brave!

BigBoo Cast

Right when we got back from camping on Friday, I got ready and my friend Megan picked me up and we headed to Columbia, TN to watch our favorite podcasters do a live show! We’ve had the tickets for a few weeks now, and we were so looking forward to our girls night together. I always love to hang with Megan no matter what we are doing, and it was a fun night! The show was hilarious, the venue was GORGEOUS, and we found some yummy Italian food to eat afterwards.

Fall Break Part 2

For the second part of fall break, we enjoyed a beautiful week at Rock Island State Park with Jake’s fam. This was our third visit to Rock Island, and we’ve enjoyed it every time. This week there was more water in the gorge than we’ve ever seen before, and they actually had the gorge closed to hiking, which was disappointing. BUT, we had some beautiful, fun hikes even without the gorge hike.

Twin Falls was roaring. We couldn’t get as close as normal, but we still climbed pretty close…and saw a snake on the way! My friend Steph informed me, though, that it was NOT a copperhead like we thought, but just a water snake. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was neat to see the gorge with more water than normal, and the kids were SO excited that the “castle” door was unlocked so they could go in, LOL.

There was lots of card playing like always….

One day Liz and Abby left to go see Carley play softball, so the rest of us took the day to visit some antique stores that were nearby. We stopped to get the kids some ice cream at a little shop in Rock Island, and they ordered milkshakes. We did NOT expect them to be so big and awesome, but the kids were of course THRILLED! They were works of art! They also had fun Connect 4 games to play on outside. It was a really neat little shop!

Everybody’s favorite hike this year was the Blue Hole trail. The waterfalls down there were so pretty!

Of course we had some 4-square volleyball games (this game we literally made up many years ago on a fall break trip, LOL). Mee Maw even joined in!

It was a good trip. The weather finally turned cooler the very last day. But we couldn’t have asked for better weather for fall break, really. It only rained overnight one night. Otherwise it was beautiful and sunny.

And now we are getting back into the swing of “real” life again. Which isn’t all bad. Although, we did come home to all of our cats having fleas!! BLEH!!

Fall Break Part 1

The first part of fall break was a much needed breath of fresh air and rest for us. We went to Dale Hollow Dam with my family, as usual. There was lots of bike riding, sitting, reading, fires, hammock laying, coffee drinking, skating, and just relaxing had by all. One day we went with Shshr and Nana to the lake for the day. I love the lake in the fall. It was warm enough that the kids jumped in and swam for just a little bit! We went to Sulfur Creek for lunch. It was a good day. It was a good, fun trip overall.

Fall break

These kiddos had a โ€œcasualโ€ half day at school and got to spend the whole day outside playing games with their classmates to kick off fall break! And now they are on fall break! Woohoo!

P.S. I will NEVER get tired of finding my kids curled up on the couch together reading. โค๏ธ

Fall Decorations

Fall decor is DEFINITELY my favorite. I love it more than Christmas decor for sure. It helps that I just really love fall, too. And I’m so excited we’ve actually had some “fallish” weather already. Maybe that means it won’t go straight from summer to winter this year like it does sometimes in TN.

Other September Randomness

When I said September was a busy month, I really wasn’t joking. We kind of feel like we never sat down or caught our breath for the whole month. Here are some other things that happened in September:

Did the bi-annual clothes switch for the kids and discovered, per usual, Josie has outgrown a ton, and Jack has barely grown at all, LOL. Although, he did outgrow a few pair of pants in length, so there’s that! This chore, thankfully, gets easier and easier as the kids get older.

The Roses ate with us a couple of times. Evelynn wanted me to document the fact that she tried a bite of carrot, LOL.

We took advantage of pretty weather one Sunday to eat at the drive thru Mexican place we love-they’ve added an awesome outdoor seating area. And…why does my daughter look grown?

Josie went to a classmate’s “spa” birthday party one day…and they crimped her hair LOL. I told her she looked like Albert Einstein. She, on the other hand, LOVED it, and really wanted to recreate it for picture day…which I said NO to.

Yummy “brunch” at 1:00 in the afternoon one Saturday, LOL.

Some reading for the month.

I had gotten an old Lifesavers rack from Shshr, and I cleaned it up and turned it into our “snack rack.” The kids LOVE it, LOL. Jack turned down donuts one morning, because he just “had to eat something off the rack.”

Our beloved treehouse finally has met its end. It was getting unsafe from a big board rotting out underneath-we had sealed the whole thing, but it was rotting where we couldn’t get the sealant. We could’ve replaced it, but that was going to be a big, expensive task, and in the end, we decided it would be better just to pull it down and do something else fun with the tree, like some climbing/rope things for the kids.

Just a picture of my boy, in his beloved Christmas pjs, reading Calvin and Hobbes one morning.

Went to Sams again one day with Mom, Casey, Nana, and this little Miss Priss. One perk of not teaching is getting to see my sister more!

Jack had a VERY specific idea of how he wanted me to cut his hair for school picture day this year. He loved how it turned out, thankfully, so I was able to breathe a sigh of relief! And, to my surprise, he has faithfully put gel in it and styled it every day….he must be growing up a bit!

And Josie’s picture day hair prep, LOL. It did NOT turn out looking like Albert Einstein this time, though!

Some other fun things not pictured: I went to a women’s gathering at church for the first time in FOREVER. it was fun.

We went on a date night with the Roses. And our kids are big enough now, that we don’t have to get a babysitter! We just left them all together at our house (and we didn’t go far) to, as Jack put it, “babysit each other,” LOL. They did great, and we had fun- we hit up The Brewery for appetizers, The Depot for dinner, and Golly G’s for dessert! It was a “progressive” dinner.

Now on to October and hopefully a bit calmer month. ๐Ÿ™‚